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[MOC] A-Wing (McQuarrie / SW Rebels Design)

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Hello from France Guys ! I'm Bricks Feeder and it's my third topic on Eurobricks! :) 

Today, I show you my MOC of the A-Wing using the design seen on the SW Rebels series and based on the Original A-Wing Concept of Mr. McQuarrie. 

I will make some pictures of my advance in the future but for the moment, I give you some videos (of my YouTube Channel) of my prototype on LDD.

This MOC is based on the Jerac's A-Wing but I made a lot of change. For the moment, It's just a prototype on LDD. I tried to build a functional Landing gear. But I have to test the structure in real.

I made Three version : Two A-Wing of the Phoenix Squadron (534 Bricks and 523 Bricks) and the A-Wing that Ezra used in the season 3 to go to Tatooine (523 Bricks). Although, These MOC need some stickers for the details.

A-wing collect 2A-wing collect 3A-wing collect bottomA-wing collect topA-wing collect frontA-wing collect besideA-wing detail 1A-wing detail 2A-wing detail Cockpit 1A-wing detail Cockpit 2A-wing detail landing gear 1A-wing detail landing gear 2Phoenix 1 - 534bricksPhoenix 2 - 523bricksEzra's A-wing (Rebels Seaon 3) - 523bricks


I take all advice if you have! :)


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