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A small ship called Melusina

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Here comes another rather small ship of mine, made in contrast to some rather large ships of the past (and other large ships which I'm working on). I really got to like these smaller vessels, as they are a fun and relatively quick build, a prompt way to enhance your fleet.



By the way, I uploaded it to Brickshelf some time ago, but due to some technical difficulties I couldn't start a proper thread about it until now.



The ship is called Melusina, after the legendary mermaid-serpent-like creature. I wanted the figurehead to look more like something made of wood and painted rather than just a minifigure pretending to be a sculpture. Maybe even like something not made very well out of wood.



Speaking of fleets, this is a part of the same fleet as my earlier and also rather small Basilisk (named after another legendary creature) - hence the same sail colours and unifiorms.



It uses only two narrow hull pieces, like the good old Renegade Runner - except it has much more structure on top of it. In fact it looks quite bulky, but that was one of my goals.



There was even some room for a forecastle with a hatch for the crew to enter.



A look at the helm (and the captain). Also, please note the swivel gun in the bottom right corner - the ship has two of them on either side. Now, in my review of the Brick Bounty I admitted not liking those pieces very much (go ahead and read the review if you haven't! This is my best review of a Pirate set! This is my ONLY review of a Pirate set!). Still, given the small size of the ship, I think this is the best opportunity to use those, and save bigger guns for bigger vessels.



A look from the stern...



The captain's quarters, accessible by lifting the helm section which rests on tiles. Not much room in here, obviously, but I am still satisfied for having been able to put all this stuff in here, considering that the Renegade Runner had nothing like this, despite using the same hull.



Another look at the whole ship...



...and a final one from the top. Thanks everyone, and of course any comments will be very much welcome!!!

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She's a beautiful ship! I like how compact it is, and how much detail you put into it as well!

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Nice ship. You have the basic understanding of those small-ish ships :thumbup: Now go bolder and build more of them!

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Thanks! But I think the next one will be a lot bigger actually. We'll see though. :pir-classic:

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