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MOC Belfast Skyline [LDD]

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This is my addition to the Skyline series, a version of my home city Belfast.

I have tried to design it to be as close to the official sets as possible in both its size and level of detail. Like the six official sets, it contains four major landmarks, which have been designed to be in proportion (as far as possible) with each other. This image was rendered from Digital Designer, as some of the pieces which would be needed do not exist in the required colours, there is also a space for the printed Belfast name plate.

From left to right, they are;

1) Belfast City Hall

The smallest building in the set, the City hall features some sand green elements which (to my knowledge) do not yet exist. There are many memorials and statues in the grounds of the building, but I have chosen to represent the most prominent one which is of Queen Victoria.

2) Samson and Goliath

The two cranes which stand in the Harland and Wolff ship yard, in reality they are in fact different sizes, but I have chosen to make them the same height. In reality they would need printed "H & W" elements to complete them.

3) Titanic Belfast

The museum to the RMS Titanic is the third building and would also need a printed "Titanic" sign on the brown piece. Beside it is the SS Nomadic, a vessel from the same era as Titanic which acts as a small museum.

4) The Obel Complex

Obel Tower is Belfast's (and Ireland's) tallest building, so it was a natural choice for the set, the curved pieces for the windows do not exist in trans. blue. Outside is what locals call the 'Big Fish', an art installation.

Thanks for looking, and all comments and constructive criticism are welcome!

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I have redesigned the set, adding more detail and improving on some of the designs.

The City Hall has been given more detail and a larger grass area in front

Titanic Belfast has been given lighter coloured glass and rotated 45 degrees as this better resembles the shape of the real building

The Obel has also been given lighter coloured glass, more in keeping with the real building.

Samson and Goliath have been completely redesigned as I was not happy with the shape of them. Also, based on some pictures taken from above, I have only seen them from the ground, I realised that the jib is actually two parallel bars and not a single piece as I thought. Samson is now also taller than Goliath, as in real life.


Thank you for looking, you can still support the Belfast Skyline at;

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