Brethren of the Brick Seas (BoBS) Intro Thread, Era II

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2 hours ago, Yperio_Bricks said:

I understand, thanks! It is too complicated for me, so i will alter my plans :pir_laugh2:

I don't think you should have to alter your plans. You have the map of Maldria, and you have the general description of the northern and southern portions of the island, plus the info from the Tribes of Maldria thread (and the fact that I haven't mapped out that story gives you some room to help define it in a way that fits with your plans). We've talked a bit about your plans before, and I think anything you likely have in mind will be ok as long as it doesn;t contradict something already there. It takes the players doing things to flesh things out. Go ahead with your plans. Personally, I'm looking forward to what you add to our knowledge of Maldria. :pir-thumb:

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Posted (edited)

Player request; if we're developing the game, could the next step be mainland cities? I'm sure we'd all love to build up our homelands, and I'm eager to send the Bishop to Guelph. I've been putting it off long enough. 

Maybe for balance you could say mainland cities generate less income, but are worth more in trade value? Something like that. 

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Just thought I'd mention that all the shipping reports are in at the KPA editorial offices, and a new edition of the Advertiser is expected out next week.

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