Cupcake Cafe Modular Moc

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So I've always loved the Front facade and colors of Friends 41119.

I wanted to work up a modular that maintained a front facing patio, but kept the back accessible, and added a staircase to the top floor.



I haven't decided if I want to add the "Green Cross Medical Dispensary" up on the second story, or maybe just a party deck, and flip the staircase down into the patio.




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Updates! changes!  A second story!


From the front, nobody would suspect that this beautiful cafe...

Has a medicinal dispensary on the second floor, in back.  But it is certainly a bit of marketing synergy to house both establishments in the same building...


The giant leaves on the back might be a bit much. I'm thinking about replacing them with the green flower plates that are decorating the rear entry right now.  We'll see.


This is definitely not going to be a three story modular.  Small building, with ground floor facade being overwhelmed already. Low roof line to top it off.  We'll see how that goes.

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So I've changed up the 2nd story, adding  A Queen Anne style turret and copula, mirroing the display window one on first floor, and added a low slung roof.  Not sure the 45 degree slopes are working, and limited color range makes we want to replace em with curved tiles, but I fear that will make the roof look too much like the overhangs below. But maybe that's not a bad thing?

I'm also considering ways to dress up the turret... I don't necessarily want another full window up there. but its a bit plane now.



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Looks really good mate, very good detail.
Ive been toying with the idea to modularise the Café but haven't done one yet. I wanted to keep the exterior the same as the original and work around it.

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