The Steel Captain

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A custom figure that can serve as the over-arcing villain to any pirate/fantasy/steampunk story, I present, The Steel Captain.


 The Steel Captain is the Commander of a cadre of highly industrialized soldiers, known only as the Steel Legion ( to be featured later. Series Seven Evil Knight, swap out the helm for a black Conquistador helmet). They fancy themselves to have the latest and greatest in weaponry, armed with gunmetal short swords and broadswords, black muskets, and gunmetal pistols (Series 17 Highwayman)


To Create your own Steel Captain, You'll need: A Collectible Minifigure Series 3 Space Villain, for the gunmetal leg and bionic arm piece, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean 2011 Captain Black Beard, for the Torso, lower body (hip and left leg) , as well as the all important hat. The Gunmetal Hook comes from a Collectible Minifigure series 14 Zombie Pirate. For the beard, I used a black beard from the Dragon Wizard from Lego Kingdoms, Circa 2010, and the Cloth cape and epaulets were spare parts I had lying around; Epaulets possibly from Baron Von Baron, from the Lego Adventurers Egypt line, or from Monster Hunters, and the Cloth cape can easily be obtained from any number of Lego Star Wars Sets.   

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