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Location: Iceland
Tags: vacation

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30228643745_9ca973821a_t.jpg     We're going to Iceland, honey?

20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg     Yes, while we're waiting for Andromeda's Gates: Second Era, I thought it would be nice if we visited one of historic precursors of Mitgard with Ethel, as she travels to learn about her ancestry.

30228643745_9ca973821a_t.jpg     I see.

20229737399_785f584116_t.jpg     Bqllr!


30228643745_9ca973821a_t.jpg     So, where's our first stop?

20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg     Well, we would be remiss if we did not visit the Icelandic Phallological Museum in Iceland's capital city of Reykjavik during our trip.  It houses the world's largest display of penises, including 280 specimens from 93 different species.  Here are some from the common seal.


20229737399_785f584116_t.jpg     Bqllr!

20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg     And here's one from a sperm whale.


30228643745_9ca973821a_t.jpg     It's impressive, but it's not as impressive as yours, honey.

20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg     I know.

20229737399_785f584116_t.jpg     Bqllr!


20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg     Here's the famous Hallgrimskirkja, a Lutheran church finished in the ancient Terran year of 1986, which is a popular landmark for tourists in Reykjavik.


20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg     And right nearby is a statue of Leif Eriksson, one of Ethel's ancestors.  Contrary to popular belief, Christopher Columbus wasn't the first European to discover North America; that honor belongs to Leif Eriksson.


20229737399_785f584116_t.jpg     Bqllr!


30228643745_9ca973821a_t.jpg     Where are we now?



20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg     We are at the Þingvellir National Park, part of Iceland's famous Golden Circle.  Not surprisingly, it's full of tourists even during off peak hours.

30228643745_9ca973821a_t.jpg     It's still beautiful!

20229737399_785f584116_t.jpg     Bqllr!


30228643745_9ca973821a_t.jpg     These are geysers!


20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg     Yes, we are at the Geysir location along the Golden Circle.  My favorite one is named Strokkur.  It erupts every six minutes.


30228643745_9ca973821a_t.jpg     That is some impressive endurance; but still, not as impressive as yours, honey.

20229737399_785f584116_t.jpg     Bqllr!


30228643745_9ca973821a_t.jpg     What interesting rock formations!


20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg     Indeed.  These are the famous basalt column cliffs near Snæfellsjökull National Park.  There are so many incredible things to see in that park, such as these beautiful rock formations at Arnarstapi.



20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg     Or Mount Stapafell.


20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg     Or the glacier capped volcano the national park is named after: Snæfellsjökull.


20229737399_785f584116_t.jpg     Bqllr!


20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg     And we'll end our trip by hiking on the Sólheimajökull glacier.


30228643745_9ca973821a_t.jpg     It's so hard and slippery!

20229737399_785f584116_t.jpg     Bqllr!


30228643745_9ca973821a_t.jpg     Wow, that was a great trip!  Iceland is such a beautiful country!  What's next, honey?

20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg     I believe now we spend our time preparing for Andromeda's Gates: Second Era.

20229737399_785f584116_t.jpg     Bqllr!

Comments and criticisms are all welcome!


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wowww such great places visited there.. Now I am  jealous..... :blush:

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