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The East Terran Trading Company

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Welcome to the East Terran Trading Company also known as the ETTC!

ETTC Charter

East Terran Trading Company Ltd.  Shareholders’ Charter, 1st Edition

This charter details the partnership terms agreed upon by all shareholders in this company. These terms may be revised at a later date, when required, with the consent of all shareholders.

I. Paid-up Capital

Starting capital for the ETTC account: 100 DB x shareholders.

Should the ETTC account require additional capital in times of emergency, all shareholders shall be required to contribute funds in equal portions. Any shareholder who is unable to meet the full commitment or part thereof may be covered for by another shareholder, whereby his monthly dividend shall be paid to the supporting shareholder, until a point when the commitment repaid in full.

II. Executive Appointments

a) Chairman of the Board

As head of the company the chairman shall direct the investment strategy of the company.

He shall represent the ETTC as the face of the company in all transactions and is authorised to transfer funds for any collective purchase. He is appointed by the general assembly. Currently, Don Isaac Montoya is chairman of the ETTC.

b) Treasurer

The treasurer is responsible for maintaining the financial records of the company in the form of a monthly balance sheet and paying of dividends to the shareholders. The balance sheet shall be made available, on demand, to any shareholders. Appointed by the chairman, the current treasurer is Ibn al'Sayeed.

III. Dividend Policy

Dividends will be paid out after a decision to that effect has been made by the general assembly.

IV. Compensation for contractors (builders)

Contractors will be compensated based on customary practices negotiated on a case to case basis. For Royal properties, 1.000 DBs are distributed amongst the contractors based on the size of their contribution.

V. Future shareholders

This being an economic, non-political alliance, all upstanding members of Corrington with the necessary funds shall be permitted to buy a share in ETTC.

The price of the share will be calculated so that the ownership shares are equally distributed after the transaction. (I.e a price equal to the book value of current shares) At any given time, the general assembly can decide to levy a premium to this value.

VI. Liquidation of shares

At any time, a member may choose to sell his share back to the company for its book value, pending the approval of the general assembly and the availability of liquid funds.

Shares may only be sold back to the company, not to other members, so as to preserve balance.

VII. Voting Rights

In matters that cannot be resolved by mutual agreement, a member may motion for a popular vote.

All shareholders shall be entitled to 1 vote. A shareholder may choose to abstain.

In the event of a tie, the chairman's vote shall count for 1.1 votes.

VII. Loyalty to Crown and Company

All shareholders are obliged to act in the interests of both the Crown and Company, before all personal interests. Any shareholder found guilty of treason or espionage shall be expelled without compensation. For lesser offences, a fine may be imposed.

ETTC Investors:

Retired Members:


ETTC Monopolies and Bonuses:

ETTC properties licensed on the Island of Terraversa receive a 10% bonus yield (as a result of Era II ChIV Cat E).

ETTC Properties:

The ETTC owns a range of properties across the new world for commercial purposes and a large portion of ETTC income is generated from these assets. A full list of ETTC properties can be found below


ETTC Warehouse, King's Harbour, medium commerce

ETTC Warehouse and Offices, Mooreton Bay, medium commerce

ETTC Royal Cocoa Factory, King's Harbour, Royal factory

ETTC Cocoa Drying Plant, King's Harbour, large factory

ETTC Vanilla Plantation, Jameston, medium plantation

ETTC Headquarters, Arlinsport, medium commerce

ETTC Offices, Port Woodhouse, medium commerce

ETTC Warehouse Tazelft, Mokolei Empire, medium commerce (not yet licensed)

Agricultural Research Station, King's Harbour, large educational

ETTC Barracks, Jameston, small residence

Vanilla Sorting Plant, Jameston, large factory

Crimson Mill, Westface, medium factory

ETTC Market, Westface, medium commerce

Pachyderm Construction, Jameston, medium factory

ETTC Warehouse, Black Beach, medium commerce

Sugar Mill, Jameston, large factory

ETTC House, Spudkirk, large commerce

ETTC Trade Route, The Cross Roads, large commerce

ETTC Villa, The Cross Roads, large commerce

ETTC Terraversan HQ, Westface, medium commerce

ETTC Office, New Haven, medium commerce

ETTC Imprint House, South Sillitholina, medium commerce

ETTC Warehouse, South Silitholina, large commerce

ETTC Office, Stormhaven, small commerce

ETTC Office, Queenston, large commerce

Warehouse, Stormhaven, small commerce


Cocoa Mills, part of the ETTC Royal Cocoa Factory located in King's Harbour by @Bregir

ETTC Ships:

The ETTC maintains a merchant fleet with a small number or warships to act as escorts. The primary purpose of the fleet is trade.

Active Escort vessels:

ETTC Pallace, Class 7

ETTC Endymion, Class 7

Active Merchant vessels:

Tuna King, Class 3

ETTC Muharib , Class 5

ETTC Cherub, Class 4

ETTC Sussex, Class 8

ETTC Covenanter, Class 7

ETTC Royal George, Class 8

ETTC Fara, Class5

In dock: (Prizes needing a moc)

Black Star, Class 4

Planned vessels: (Shareholder committed mocs)

ETTC Minotaur, Class 6/7 Galleon


ETTC Royal George, a class 8 merchant vessel in ETTC service by @boeing_787_8_dreamliner

ETTC Military:

ETTC troops mainly consist of mercenaries hired from the southern Nizami satrapies of the Molokoi Empire. These men are mostly drawn from the Nizam ethnic group and sign into the ETTC military for 15 years with the promise of immediate Corlander citizenship and a parcel of land in the colonies on retirement. In addition they are allowed to bring up to 5 family members with them to the new world. ETTC forces are mainly comprised of infantry; known as sepoys, but a small unit of lancers also compliments the force.

ETTC Lancers patrolling the Grasslands of south-eastern Cascadia by @Ayrlego

Current ETTC Activities:

  • Brick Seas domination! Build an ETTC presence in every Corlander settlement in the Brick Seas! The ETTC wants YOU!




ETTC Presence




Black Beach


Brickford Landing




Camp Isaac


Hussar's Isle




King's Harbour


Mesabi Landing


Mooreton Bay




New Haven


Port Raleigh


Port Woodhouse












ETTC Finances:

Financial Records


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While the Brick Seas have focused on the Second Terraversan War, business in the ETTC has continued. Somehow, ETTC shareholder Colonel Sir Dirk Allcock found time while commanding the Corlander Expeditionary Force on Terraversa to dictate the following letter to the shareholders of the company.

Esteemed Chairman, Treasurer and Shareholders of the most honourable East Terran Trading Company, 

I would like to place a number of proposals before the general assembly for vote:

  1. That the following citizens of Corrington, of good and honest standing are invited to purchase shares in the Company:
    1. Lord Frederick Spud @Spud The Viking
    2. Major Sir Nathaniel Brickford @LM71Blackbird
    3. Captain Jonathan Brickleton @evancelt
  2. That the usual share price for the above individuals is waived in preference for development of factories in Corlander settlements currently without an ETTC presence and a commitment to establish a Royal Plantation. Full details to be contained in the attached contract.
  3. That a census of shareholders occurs. Any shareholder not contactable by the end of April 621 have their shares paid out to the Crown for safe keeping with the option to buy back in at a later date should they return to the new world.
  4. That the company commit to a goal to have a presence in every Corlander settlement in the New Terra by 31st December 621.
  5. That the company commit to a goal to expand it's trading fleet to exceed 25 ship levels by 31st December 621.

For your consideration honourable Sirs,

Sir Dirk Allcock

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Upon receipt of a written invitation to join ETTC, Captain Brickleton calls upon the good Colonel in person in Westface to thank him for the gracious offer to join such a venerable enterprise and to accept the conditions as stipulated in the contract.

Let's see the East Terran Trading Company expand to all corners of the Brick Seas!

::dabs quill into ink and signs the document with a flourishing motion, accentuating the 'B'::

Lord Spud and Major Brickford, also in Westface with the Corlander expeditionary force, consider their responses

@Ayrlego @Bregir @LM71Blackbird @Spud The Viking

Edited by evancelt

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Major Sir Nathaniel Brickford was busily rounding up the Quinnsville Marine Companies when he received a rather official looking letter. At first glace, Colonel Allcock's seal was followed by an uneasy feeling. Upon actually reading the letter, Major Brickford was most pleasantly surprised. An Invitation to join one of Corrington's premier Trading Companies! He quickly delegated command to pen a quick response.


I am most honored by your invitation, Colonel Allcock, to the ETTC. The terms are most agreeable and I look forward to serving the Crown and Corrington.


OOC: Looking forward to getting started!

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Pacing around a temporary office set up in Westface, Montoya pondered the letter. He had been otherwise occupied for a long time, and to be honest, his business acumen was very limited. In addition, his man of business, Ibn al'Sayeed, had been gone on personal business for months on end, and he had normally been handling all Montoya's finances. With a determined look, he turned to his writing desk.

To the Shareholders of the venerable East Terran Trading Company,

As chairman of this fine company, I am honoured to call the general assembly to discuss and debate the future of the company, the excellent propositions posed by Colonel Allcock, and to welcome the new shareholders. All shareholders have equal vote in this assembly.

Further, I wish to offer my resignation and suggest that the Assembly uses this opportunity to reconsider the governance structures of the company, and appoint a new body of governance.

The general assembly is to be held in Westface, Terraversa in two weeks. All shareholders are invited to join us here to determine the future of the ETTC.

Proposals may be presented on the day, although prior notification may be advised, should you wish other shareholders to have considered them in advance.

Well met

Don Isaac Montoya

Chairman ETTC

Attachment 1: Current shareholders:

Attachment 2: New shareholders:

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Esteemed shareholders of the East Terran Trade Company,

@Bregir @Brickwolf @evancelt @LM71Blackbird @Spud The Viking @SilentWolf

It has been a most extraordinary period of growth for the ETTC over the past two months and; as temporarily acting treasurer, please see below the additions to ETTC property holdings since my last report in April of this year:















Black Beach












The Cross Roads




The Cross Roads


Total income from ETTC property has such increased to 350.5DB - that is almost a 30% increase in profits since April. Congratulations to all members involved in this astonishing growth. The official company ledgers have been updated (OOC: the first post of this thread!) and members are requested to report any discrepancies to myself, care of the Corlander Expeditionary Force, Westface. 

Additionally, I am pleased to report that our drive to expand ETTC presence across Corlander settlements has also made some advancement, with additions to both Spudkirk and Black Beach. As before, the company ledgers have been updated to reflect these changes.

Signed your most obedient servant,

Dirk Allcock 

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The ETTC has established a large warehouse (large commercial) in the estuary of the River Sil in South Silitholina.



Additionally, a new vessel has been added to the fleet, the ungainly ETTC Cherub. class 4.




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Welcome to the board of directors, captain Scarver.


In other news, the ettc fleet is decimated. The Montoya estate has commissioned a class 7 galleon that will soon be joining the ranks, but we are in absolute need of launching more vessels to protect our position as a relevant Trading company in the brick seas.

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An initial ETTC presence has been established in Queenston with this large commercial property.


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All ETTC shareholders, three important motions have been put before the board in the PM. Voting on these issues closes in one week from today.

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On 8/22/2022 at 1:09 PM, Bregir said:

Welcome to the board of directors, captain Scarver.


In other news, the ettc fleet is decimated. The Montoya estate has commissioned a class 7 galleon that will soon be joining the ranks, but we are in absolute need of launching more vessels to protect our position as a relevant Trading company in the brick seas.

Where can I find information about what happened to the fleet? (Might be interesting for a story post) 

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21 hours ago, Justsomebrix said:

Where can I find information about what happened to the fleet? (Might be interesting for a story post) 

You would need to go through historical Kings Port Advertisers. I am not sure it is too interesting - just long-term attrition with next to no replacement. There was one interesting pirate encounter, if I recall correctly, with some ramifications, but other than that, it is mainly due to neglect in building and licensing new ships.

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