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Imperial Dropship- Pictorial Review

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Well the 2008 sets finally arrived in the Islands and one of them I managed to pick up was the Imperial Dropship, Piranha Advancements proudly present this little review

Name: Imperial Dropship

Price: $10.00USD

Pieces: 81

Figs: 4

*Box Art

First we have pictures of the lovely boxart *wub* I must say I quite like the Vader logo in the corner. Also note the "Build you army" slogan *wub*


Now we have the back of the box with the "cool features" pictures *More on that later



The fig selection is quite generous, with three Imperial Stormtroopers and the elusive Shadow Trooper! *wub*

A great way to build up your stormie army!


It should also known that these stormie's have a new design from the original with a comparison picture below. The mouth area is now Grey with blacks stripes. *Old Stormie on left * new stormie on right


Now onto a beautiful fig and my favorite trooper! The Shadow Stormie! I love the silver eye printings and the overall pattern *wub*


Finally the nice various assortment of blasters -2 long and 2 short


*Dropship aka Crapship X-D

First we have the standard views of the ship from different angles. The stickers are 3 imperial logo's in silver, I quite like them though :-$


Another side view


Next is the views of the troop carrier thingy detached from the main ship


It opens and drops in an interesting way, the wings open up and a technic pin is there for the carrier to slide in, then you close it up


The cockpit has no controls(more helmet technology I guess :-| :-D ) It opens up forward for the Shadow Trooper to fit nicely in


The view with all the troopers snugly attached to the dropship


The next shot is of the carrier detached, it fills quite open without the 4 stormie there


Lastly is a rear view of the ship with the grey engines(basically wheel rims)



Figs- 10/10

Pricing- 9/10

Parts- 6/10

Overall model- 7.5/10

Satisfaction- 8/10

Playability- 7/10

Overall a great set to collect some cool figs and great for army builders! The inclusion of a shadow trooper makes it much more interesting but I wouldn't have minded 4 Stormies plus the Shadow Trooper. A must buy for any SW fan or OT fan!


Edited by KimT

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Thanks for your review! I love this set, it'll be my first batch of Stormtroopers too! *wub*


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Thanks for this great review Piranha, I can't wait to get this set for the new stormies and shadow trooper *wub* I bought the Rebel Speeder the other day, I hope to get this soon too.

Batbrick Away! >:-)

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Great review, especially with that good comparison picture, thanks Piranha. *y*

I really like that new mouth printing, well done, TLC! :'-)

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What is under their helmets? What kind of heads? I'd like to see pics of that.

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The head underneath is a plain black head with no face. It works really well, much better than the peachie head from the ISD.

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evnin' all

i remember gettin' some of those

yeah it was at lego ind i got 2 o thease and 2 o the other ones

cost me 36 bloody quid

i couldn't believe it i said to the casher

WOOAH THERE little woman are you pullin' me cockney leg?

and she saiad no

I WAS ABSALUTLY OUT RAGED!!, mind you i still payed tho

but yeah they ain't too bad i spose

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A comprehensive and well thought out review. I have to agree with you that those stickers are actually pretty cool, and stickers generally suck, they definitely work well with the transparent background which helps the silver appear to meld into the blue piece better.

thanks also for the comparison pics of the old and new stormies, it looks like the mouth in the new one isn't only with stripes but also bigger.

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