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The story of Yseult Brenneaux (First era)

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I've really enjoyed writing for AG's first era - it's helped to develop my characters and writing more than I could possibly have expected. My recent chapters have introduced a lot of characters though and I'm conscious that it may be hard for new readers (or even ones that have read them all) to keep track of what's going on. So here's a character summary to help anyone who needs a refresh (please note, it may contain some little spoilers you didn't notice reading the full entries).


Yseult Brenneaux.


    A tempestuous freight pilot who isn’t afraid to get into a fight. She is French and was raised in Bordeaux with her Father, an aerobatics pilot who inspired her love of flying [Rest]. Often referred to as ‘The red-haired Woman’, she makes friends with difficulty and enemies with ease. She is a survivor and much of her past is unknown.

    Discovered by Big Sal working as a con artist on Marphacia, Yseult Brenneux (using a different spelling to help mask her past) was lured into a trap to force her to join MANTIS [The Mark]. She was initially stationed at a communications outpost called Uplink [Uplink] where she met Riddaeon. She paid off her debt to Big Sal working on the outpost’s Walk-lifts [Pay Dirt] after which she had initially intended to return to her previous line of work. Riddaeon convinced her to give life in MANTIS a try and after contemplating the hard life she had just left behind, she agreed [Departure].

    Yseult quickly passed though the MANTIS pilot training programme on Aeristus gaining notoriety when Training Officer Briskett’s attempts to humiliate her by giving her an impossible scenario in the simulator backfired when, despite crashing, her reactions resulted in one of the highest evaluation scores possible [Gyrocube]. Her first mission was to pilot a new spying ship designed by Flight Engineer Eliana Seyka [Darksight] to Donwarr to try and discover how supplies of liquid mithril were disappearing during transport [Jade Sun]. She uncovered a clue and followed a small vessel but was discovered by the Octan Quadstar escorting it and was shot down. The pilot, Vyken Tyros, landed nearby and, after being disappointed that his mission had not been uncovered by a more famous MANTIS agent, tried to kill her when he was interrupted by the mysterious appearance of Gnarl Graves [Fighter Escort]. As the two fought, Yseult caught Vyken off guard and was able to knock him out [Reflection] before falling unconscious herself after she used an almost fatal dose of anaesthetic to sustain her during the fight [Rest].

    Following her recovery, Yseult spent some time piloting a Lineopeia class passenger transport [Charter Flight] before her next mission to Freegate to steal a cypher from an Octan heavy speeder using Vyken Tyros’ stolen Quadstar. The heist was succesfull but when she returned to orbit, her ship’s GATE drive was missing [The Cypher] leaving her stranded. She was able to escape by latching on to an unmanned cargo ship [Autofreight], narrowly avoiding being fired upon by MANTIS patrol craft.

    Meeting with Riddaeon back on Donwarr, she was finally told that Big Sal believed she could help them find Upsilon, the key to uncovering a mysterious force that is making changes to space and time. He informs her that Big Sal believes that her unpredictability is key to drawing who, or whatever is at work out into the open [Upsilon]. She tells Riddaeon he needs to get her a ship so they go to see The Forwarder, an independent freight forwarder that Yseult knows from her past. He calls her by her real name (Brenneaux) but she corrects him and they discuss getting her a new ship and potential work from him. Yseult is reluctant, however, to do certain types of work that she has done for The Forwarder in the past [The Forwarder], including smuggling [Rogue Orders]. Having purchased a ship, Yseult and Ellie make repairs while Riddaeon secures fuel and supplies, then the two Women depart in their new ship [Speedy Owl]. Their first job, however, involves getting past Octan and MANTIS forces unnoticed [Wraith] with a container. They get through but cause an incident  [White Hawk] that is denied by both corporations. Following delivery, Yseult spends some time attending a local bar where she keeps getting into fights before returning to the ship where Ellie treats her. She eventually allows Ellie to go with her where they see a report on the news about the incident they caused and have an argument about the merits of the corporations and their mission to find Upsilon [Old TImes].




A MANTIS operative, Riddaeon is an administrator who works behind the scenes to further MANTIS interests. He aides Big Sal on certain projects, notably the recruitment of Yseult Brenneaux. He first met her on Marphacia at the communications outpost Uplink where he assessed her character [Uplink], reporting back his findings to Big Sal [Pay Dirt]. RIddaeon managed to convince Yseult to remain with MANTIS once she had repaid her debt [Departure] and followed her to Aeristus to watch her training [Gyrocube]

Riddaeon was involved in the planning of Yseult’s first mission for MANTIS [Jade Sun] and visited her on Donwarr while she recovered from a crash during that mission, after which he reported her progress back to Big Sal and was informed that there was a new mission for her involving the stolen Quadstar [Rest]. In preparation for the mission, Riddaeon visited Ellie who had designed and built a detachable GATE drive for the Quadstar. Riddaeon continued to lead the mission despite Big Sal disappearing and being pronnounced a fugitive of MANTIS [The Engineer]. Having intercepted Vyken Tyros’ communications with Octan, Riddaeon posed as an Octan agent and picked up Vyken, helping him to get safely back to Octan space [Rendézvous].

In a later communication with Big Sal, Riddaeon is warned that such action could be treasonous. Riddaeon defends the decision explaining that Vyken may be able to help them convince someone who’s help they may need. He then met with Yseult to explain Big Sal’s belief that someone, or something is altering reality but the motive and who or what is unclear. He tells her that Big Sal’s calculations have revealed that to draw this potentially malevolent force out, they have to find Upsilon and Big Sal believes that Yseult is essential to helping them locate it. Yseult accepts the new mission but insists they get her a new ship [Upsilon].

Riddaeon accompanies Yseult to meet The Forwarder to arrange the purchase of a ‘box runner’ container freighter [The Forwarder]. While Yseult and Ellie make repairs to their new purchase, Riddaeon steals fuel and anti-matter for the ship. After they take-off, Riddaeon used the ship’s landing platform’s communication dish to access the Octan network and upload a programme [Speedy Owl].


Gedron Briskett


A MANTIS flight training officer based on Aeristus. He has a reputation for being hard on recruits and has a chip on his shoulder. He doesn’t like the idea that anyone else can tell him what it takes to be a good pilot. he considers himself to be the best and looks down on civilian pilots, considering their skills to be ‘less advanced’ than those he trains. He is prone to rash decisions, however, and and tried to embarrassed Yseult by forcing her to fail a flight test simulation [Gyrocube]. It backfired and the computer that analysed her efforts gave her one of the highest scores possible [Darksight]. He doesn’t like Yseult Brenneaux.


Elliana Seyka


A MANTIS Flight Engineer called ‘Ellie’ for short who works in design and development of new spacecraft. Ellie was the project lead on the new spy ship Darksight, an experimental ship whose first mission was brought forward causing the original intended pilot to have to be replaced by Yseult owing to her demonstrated flying skills [Darksight]. She also designed a detachable GATE drive for a stolen Octan Quadstar to allow trans-anomaly deployment without using a carrier [The Engineer].

Ellie accompanied Yseult in the purchase of the Speedy Owl, assisting her with repairs before they departed together. [Speedy Owl]. She accompanied Yseult when they smuggled a container on to New California [Wraith][Old Times][Yseult Brenneaux] and spent time with Yseult on the planet, treating the pilot’s injuries after bar brawls. She is finally allowed to go along to one of the bars and the two argue about the merits of corporate membership.

Special note: Ellie is seen leaning over Yseult in the stone square in Yseult’s dream though she is not mentioned in the text. [Rest]


Vyken Tyros


A special forces operative in Octan. His last recorded mission was escorting a freighter that was stealing liquid mithril from MANTIS [Jade Sun]. When Yseult discovered the operation he shot her down. When she crash-landed her ship, Vyken set down nearby and he was about to kill her when Gnarl Graves appeared and an epic sword fight ensued [Fighter Escort]. Vyken was knocked out by Yseult during the fight and awoke later to find his personal Quadstar fighter stolen, though his sword and rations had been intentionally left behind [Reflection]. He was later able to contact Octan and arrange for an Octan agent to collect him and return him to Octan space [Rendézvous]. He is highly skilled in blade weaponry choosing the Katana for close combat. He is an old friend and mentor to Emily DuPont and it is from him that she acquired her sword-fighting skills.


A man in a suit


A man of unknown name, affiliation or origin. He appeared in The Forwarder’s container/office after Yseult departed, and appeared concerned with her activities. He has an uneasy relationship with the Forwarder but appears to levy control over him [The Forwarder].

Special note: This is the same character that Yseult saw in a dream where he was sitting at a desk writing the letter ‘Y’ on a piece of paper over and over again [Rest].


The Forwarder


A freight forwarder who once held a high position in the Independent Freight Association when it was the largest and most influential freight organisation in Andromeda. During this time, Yseult worked for him and he holds her skills in high regard. There is a suggestion that she may have worked for him as a smuggler [Rogue Orders]. When Yseult reappears after a significant absence, he helps her to acquire a new ship and work as a ‘box-runner’ [The Forwarder]. After the withdrawal of the corporations, the Forwarder is visited by an old acquaintance who has discovered Yseult's attempts to hide her past and asks him what he knows about her [Yseult Brenneaux].


Captain Aurixx


Commanding officer of the MANTIS cruiser Shadowfall. When an unidentified object passes through MANTIS-controlled space between them and the Octan fleet around New California, he dispatches an Interceptor to investigate [Wraith]. The interceptor destroys the Octan ships that respond [White Hawk] but the loss of the ships is publicly blamed on a mechanical failure [Old Times]. He receives orders to withdraw to the main fleet and feels that being taken from the front line is punishment for causing a ‘sensitive incident’. Convinced that all is not as it seems, he asks Vashin to remain in Andromeda when the fleet leaves to try and discover what really happened and who is responsible for ruining their careers [Rogue Orders].


Vashin Tulka


A MANTIS pilot stationed aboard the Shadowfall. When he responds to an unidentified object passing through the no-fly-zone between MANTIS and Octan forces around New California, he attracts the attention of Octan orbital defence fighters [Wraith]. A firefight ensues; Vashin hits one of the two craft in his initial volley and out-manoeuvres the second allowing him to pursue and destroy it [White Hawk]. When Shadowfall is withdrawn from front-line operations, Captain Aurixx convinces Vashin that it is punishment for causing an incident and Vashin agrees to remain in Andromeda when the fleet leaves to search for those resposible for the unidentified object [Rogue Orders].


Lynton Bryss


An Octan pilot in the Orbital Defence Unit stationed at New California. He responds to a MANTIS interceptor approaching the Octan fleet [Wraith] but when a firefight ensues, his ship is hit and burns up in the atmosphere, exploding before he can eject. He had a Wife and children [White Hawk]. Octan officially blames his death and the loss of the ship on a mechanical failure [Old Times].


Vex Obryn


An Octan pilot in the Orbital Defence Unit stationed at New California. He is Lynton Bryss’ wingman when they respond to a MANTIS interceptor approaching the Octan fleet [Wraith]. He is hit in the initial exchange of fire and he and his ship are lost [White Hawk]. Octan officially blames his death and the loss of the ship on a mechanical failure [Old Times]. Vex wakes up in the New California desert near his damaged ejection seat, presumably having successfully survived the accident. He is able to walk to a small settlement where an old Woman cares for him and he learns that in fact, four months have passed since the incident [Hard Landing].


Dangerous Woman


A woman of unknown name, affiliation or origin who visits The Forwarder, asking about Yseult. She has an interest in the red-haired pilot, having discovered that Yseult was using a mistyped surname to try and distance herself from her past. The Woman and The Forwarder have some History with each other but have not seen each other for four years [Yseult Brenneaux].


Dangerous Man


An associate of the ‘Dangerous Woman’ [Yseult Brenneaux].


The Sentinel


An associate of the ‘Dangerous Woman’. His face is adorned with various cybernetic implants leaving only small sections of skin visible. He appears to require a respirator to breath, even when in clean breathable air [Yseult Brenneaux].




A mercenary who has worked for the Forwarder in the past and looks to have met Yseult at the time. He sees Yseult in a bar on New California around the time that two White Hawks are lost above the planet and presumes that she is likely to be involved given what he knows of her past. He does not know her name but meets with MANTIS pilot Vashin Tulka to divulge his knowledge in exchange for a fuel cell [Rogue Orders].

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I know this is an old thread, but I really wanted to tell you how great these stories are! It's clear you've put a huge amount of effort into them.

I'm waiting to see what happens with AG2, but I'm on a space vibe just now and fancy joining MANTIS when it restarts.

Your work is certainly a big part of that decision!

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2 hours ago, Basiliscus said:

I know this is an old thread, but I really wanted to tell you how great these stories are! It's clear you've put a huge amount of effort into them.

I'm waiting to see what happens with AG2, but I'm on a space vibe just now and fancy joining MANTIS when it restarts.

Your work is certainly a big part of that decision!

Thank you. I'm learning a lot playing this game about evolving different threads and how they might converge in the future. There's a plan, but it's blurry at the moment. As I get ideas, parts of the plan come into better focus and other new blurry parts are created. There's a lot going on but my characters are never far from my mind these days.

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