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[Mod/Moc] - WWI Fokker E. III

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Two Days ago i bought the DC Super Heroes Set 76075 with Wonder Woman,a large buildable Ares and a neat looking WWI Plane.
I bought it for the Plane but on further Inspection of the finished Set i thought about changing a couple of Things on the Plane to make it look more like the one used in the recent Wonder Woman Movie,the Fokker E III.
I replaced the large sloped Wedges with Plates.Unfortunetly the Plates weren`t available in dark Tan so i used grey ones and also changed every other tan Piece into grey.
I also modified the Wings into a Shape closer to the Fokker and changed the rear Wings a bit to fit in.
As you can see a round 2x2 Tile covers the Area where the Tail Fin is clipped in to give it a cleaner Look.The round Tile allows the Fin to move to both Sides for steering.
Another Detail that bugged me was the oversized and clunky Landing Gear Area.
I aimed for something more delicate and used a black Laser Sword Blade,some Clips and a Plate with horizontal Clips to build something that looks more like the Landing Gear of WWI Era Planes.
It is surprisingly sturdy,but of course a rough Landing might still damage it (just like in real Life).
The last Thing i changed was the Cockpit and of course the Weaponry.
Those Stud Shooters and Flickfire Missiles were dumped and i mounted a WWI Style "Nutcracker" Cannon on the Plane (just google for "Fokker-Leimberger).I also added a Control Stick to the Cockpit.












As you can see,i pretty much changed everything from the original Set.All in all i relplaced most of the Parts and added more Details.
So,what do you think of my newest Moc.....or is it still a Mod?
Hope you like it,Comments are always welcome.

P.S.:This was my first ever designed Plane

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