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Juniors Sets upgrade- Lex Mech and Batboat

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Hi guys! I don't normally collect Juniors set but I did pick up the most recent DC ones for the minifigures and parts. After fiddling around with the main builds of each set I came up with these

Superman/Batman- Lex Luthor Mech Attack!



Lex's warsuit-


Tell me what you think! Constructive critism is always welcome :classic:

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Just now, VaderFan2187 said:

Looks cool! Though I think the Krennic Shuttle cockpit would look better on the Batboat.

Thanks man, yeah, that print looks great but I haven't got the set, in fact the only SW set I've been able to pick up this year has been 75183 due to all the LBM releases

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Really nice builds Duncan !..these junior sets can be a great source for cool parts, I used the Tony Stark car bonnet from the Ironman/Loki set for my Hulk-buster`s chest.I have the original Lex Luthor mech, but your clever use of the junior`s printed part ,would make it look so much better....so that`s more money goin` Lego`s way!!

Take care and keep building


35025100503_36ee869a60_z.jpg25339328485_33b991da45_z by kenny burns, on Flickr


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