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[MOC] Yorik-Et (Yuuzhan Vong Coralskipper) - Star Wars Legends (New Jedi Order)

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Hello everyone, I'm finally back with a new model! This is was built on impulse from all the medium-light-nougat-brown (?) pieces I had lying around.

It's a Yorik-Et, the main starfighter of the Yuuzhan Vong Empire. All biological data can be found here:

You can find more pictures on my flickr page. I'll add some with better lighting this upcoming weekend.

34914305114_b0626b0746_z.jpgYorik-Et - main by Ephseb, auf Flickr

35623946651_88e0e8e768_z.jpgYorik-Et - w/ pilot by Ephseb, auf Flickr


If you're wondering why the MOCs I posted on EB so far were all of a not-really-high quality, the answer is rather simple: I'm saving my best models for upcoming contests :wink: Hopefully it will pay off...

In the meantime, look out for my next post - a medium-scale Victory-class star destroyer.

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