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[MOC] Scania V8 Truck and B-Train

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Hello all

I'd like to show you the recent addition to the logistics in Lego City: A 60ton Truck, in a B-train configuration.

A B-Train is a tractor with a trailer, and the trailer also has a fith wheel (the thing where the trailer is connectec) to connect another trailer. The advantage of this type of truck is, that you can take out the middle part to get a regular truck with tractor and trailer which can be used anywhere in Europe, while the B-trains and other long combinations of trucks (called EuroCombi) only are allowed in Scandinavia, or mainly Sweden. They have a lenght up to 25.5m (86,6ft) and a weight up to 60t (132000pounds).

The tractor is a Scania V8, no I didn't build a motor but there is the V8 logo on the backside in the cabin. On the inside there are two beds, one of them can be folded away and two seats (obviously :wink:). The driver also wants to take breaks so there is a small fridge and a coffee machine over the windscreen. On the front there are a lot of lights and also a bar to prevent damages when crashing with a wild animal, what unfortunatly isn't uncommun in the northern parts of Scandinavia.

Let's take a look on the pictures:

35287657810_c2da4efa39_c.jpgScnaia B-Train by StefanEris, auf Flickr

35544455221_72d385e999_c.jpgScania V8 interior 1 by StefanEris, auf Flickr

34865542223_782a716653_c.jpgScania V8 interior 2 by StefanEris, auf Flickr

34865538673_86cb266f9f_c.jpgScania V8 interior 3 by StefanEris, auf Flickr

34833704904_d85f2e0582_c.jpgScania 40t by StefanEris, auf Flickr

And last but not least a picture of a real B-Train on the Finnish-Swedish border:

35675776535_fc2796d56a_c.jpgB-Train by StefanEris, auf Flickr

To my American friends: I think that there are a lot of B-trains on your roads which can't be separated, since they transport loads of sand, gravel and such things. If you have some information or see any mistakes feel free to share it.

Have fun


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