Lego Star Wars Imperial Interdictor Cruiser MOC

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Hello AFOL's,

today, i want to show you my new awsome Moc of the Imperial Interdictor Cruiser from Star Wars Rebels. 

It has 

Parts: 5163
Lenght: 99,8cm
Width: 51,4cm
Height: 25,5cm
Building Time: 4 Days

I would be happy for feedback.









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3 hours ago, PickleManDan said:

This looks stunning! I love how the spring loaded shooters are hidden away. Well done.:thumbup:

Thank you for this positive feedback

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Wow, you have quite a body of work @insideLego Thanks for sharing these ships of yours, including this very accurate Rebels Interdictor.  Any plans to build this in bricks?


nice build! but isn't the bridge a bit slanted?

I like it.  I think the 75055 Star Destroyer set should probably have its bridge slanted forward, too, it's just easier to make it perpendicular to the ground. 

Edited by Raskolnikov

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You can have the instructions here, but there are some conditions:

The lxf files are for private use only!
A publication, duplication, change without consent of the owner is not permitted. A publication of an assembly instruction to the lxf files is not permitted. The use of the LXF files to build the ships in reality is only permitted for private purposes. If the constructed ships are issued on the Internet or at a trade fair, the license must be informed beforehand by the owner and originator of the LXF files. This can contradict an exhibition. Images, which are rendered from the LXF files and published, require the consent of the author. If a user violates the conditions specified here, the download link will be deleted immediately. Criminal and civil law consequences threaten.

The LXF files are in a RAR archive. Please open this with WinRar and follow the instructions in the file info. This is only visible with WinRar.

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Holy moly this is sick!!! 
But I get the same error as above when I try to open the link.

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Very nice! One of my favuorite ships. I'd love to build this.

Could you update your link as I can't manage to open it. As said above, I also come up with 404 error.

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