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Hello! This is my entry for Round 3 of the Middle Earth Lego Olympics! My category was Ithilien, so I decided to build the fight between the oliphaunts and the rangers of Ithilien!

Linky to MELO... :D

So, onto the build:










Again, no WIP pictures this time, as I just wanted to chug through this one without any advice... :D

This build is roughly 70 x 60 at max with an irregular baseplate, the oliphaunts took around 5 days to build and the landscape took the other 3... (The first 2 days I was still scrambling for what to build...) So yeah, I really went out of my comfort zone for this one, I am not a pro at BBFs, but I really do like these, the heads are actually at a couple different angles off of each other, and the "nets" in the movie are out of lego capes... I hope the judges see that I went out of my comfort zone for this one... :D Anyways, I hope you enjoyed! This was a fun one!

Good luck Classical! May the best Ithilien Ranger win! :D

C&C Appreciated!

To God be the glory!

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Love your work on the hill there. I too use the slopes horizontally in a similar fashion. Curious though, the gradual buildup with the plates, is it solid all the way up or is there periodic supports under them? 

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Thanks! I wish I could redo the oliphaunts and that section of landscaping in this build, and I am not very fond of that section at all, but, yes, there are some periodic supports on the outer edge every 10 studs or so... Thanks again for your support! :D

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