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Maxim I

Settlement: Lakor, Isla De Victoria, Eslandola

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Name: Lakor

Ownership: Azclaxcan tribe, Eslandola

Location: Isla de Victoria, Prio Sea



Geographical Features: Mostly jungle on the inside, this larger island boasts an excellent natural bay on its south side at the Island's thinnest point. The north-east coast, however is very shallow, and rife with sandbars. The south-west coasts are rocky, but host naturally occurring groves of citrus fruit. In the center of the island towers a tall volcano that occasionally shakes the Island.
Rumors: The Natives of this Island fear the deeper waters to the south. While they are more than happy to sail their catamarans in the northern shallow water, they refuse to do so on the southern coast.

Mayor: King Azte Nek (NPC)

Trade Value: 0

Town Bank: 0

Who can own property in Lakor:  Everyone

Who can freebuild in Lakor:  Every Native friendly man.

Description : In the past centuries, the Azclaxcan expanded their influence over the island, controlling everything North of the terrible vulcano. Lakor was the cultural capital of the Azclaxcan empire and it concurred with Mehit in the east, which became a mayor meltingpot of different tribes.

Since Mardier controlled Isla de la Medio, the Azclaxcans had been derived from their freedom. Many Azclaxcans were forced into labour in the Mardierian cities. What once was a wealthy tribe, was now a tribe operating under the radar. During the Mardier-Eslandola war, the Mardierian forces raided their own settlements in search of gold. Whole settlements were burned to the ground. Many natives could flee in the underground holes they made to protect their riches. When Eslandolans forces arrived at Lakor, the explorer Jan Zwartbaard discovered the natives with the help of Berelli natives.

Jan Zwartbaard, a MAESTRO member, ordered the soldiers to start rebuilding Lakor into its former glory.



Size for EGS purposes - For now : hamlet





Art and Culture:





Other Buildings:

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