[MOC] The Most Absurd Seaplane Ever

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Hi everyone!

Hopefully, this is ok to post here as I'm not really sure where else I'd post it.

So recently, I had some time to build and I decided I'd build something ridiculous and absolutely absurd. So here it is:

My basic idea was that it is a mobile base made for a few people after an apocalypse or something. Made from nearly 1250 pieces, it features a full interior living space for 2, crow's nest with a machine gun turret, 2 giant propeller engines, and the theoretical ability to float (Since this model is only in LDD, I have no idea if the boat hulls making up the pontoons would be able to hold the weight of the plane or not).

Another view of the plane.

Another goal of this build was to try and use specialized pieces in odd new ways. For example, using a helicopter blade and fence parts as wing detail.

A closer look at the crow's nest.

The door and ladder to get in and out, which is mirrored on either side.

The small kitchen and dining area. There is also small storage areas with boxes and a chest.

There is also a small bedroom in the back with bunk beds.

I think my favorite part to build was the cockpit. It just has so many buttons and things to do in, plus it gives the plane it's unique dual windscreen look.


I know it isn't perfect or stable, but it was really fun to build. I think it will go down as one of the most bizarre builds I've ever done. If you would like the LDD file, let me know.

Thanks for looking!

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