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Sir Stig

Settlement: Puerto Desafio, Isla de Victoria, Eslandola

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Name: Puerto Desafio

Ownership: Eslandola

Location: Isla de Victoria, Prio Sea



Geographical Features: Mostly jungle on the inside, this larger island boasts an excellent natural bay on its south side at the Island's thinnest point. The north-east coast, however is very shallow, and rife with sandbars. The south-west coasts are rocky, but host naturally occurring groves of citrus fruit. In the center of the island towers a tall volcano that occasionally shakes the Island.
Rumors: The Natives of this Island fear the deeper waters to the south. While they are more than happy to sail their catamarans in the northern shallow water, they refuse to do so on the southern coast.

Mayor: To be determined.

Trade Value: 105 (?)

Town Bank: 0

Who can own property at Puerto Desafio: As in most Eslandolan settlements, people of all cultures are welcome to live in Puerto Desafio.

Who can freebuild in Puerto Desafio: Anyone

Description: The burnt out remains Mardier left behind have put this settlement in a crisis situation. A lot of effort are put in to take care of those that have been left behind, all their lives effort reduced to ash. The damage Mardier did against their own as they fled, left the first troops speechless, and the construction of a royal fortress was first priority when they arrived. At first it would serve as housing to the desperate, as they awaited the heavy bombardment guns. The fortress would serve as a base for the restorative works. The style of which the rebuilding will take are yet to be determined, but Eslandolan architects are hard at work on it. Others such as Mr Henderson, had already thought ahead and established a rum distillery, which came in handy to help motivate the exhausted troops to find that last piece of (cask) strength.


Builds in Puerto Desafio:

Please help us out by posting your a link to your Puerte Desafio builds in this thread. To easy the bureaucracy, it is nice if you mention which size it is. Licensee is Listed after the type of licence.

Properties: 27/31

Size for EGS purposes - Level 2 'Town'

Required for Level 4 'Large Town': 4 of anything.

Residences: 4 small residences (4 points)

Factories: 1 large (3 points), 1 small (1 point)

Artisans:  2 medium (4 points)

Commerce: 1 Large warehouses (3 points), 1 small (1 point)

Art and Culture: 1 small (1 point)

Educational: 1 small (1 point)

Plantations: 1 medium Citrus (2 points), 1 small Kiwi (1 point)


Forts: 1 Royal Fort (5 points)

(1 out of 1 available)

Troops: One battalion (90 men) of faction troops.

Other Buildings:

Vessels stationed here:

Other related builds:


Trade Value and settlement points may be inaccurate. I have counted as if they are licenced.


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37156976160_cddd72d48e_t.jpg                35594321956_e300202721_t.jpg

3 small residences (3x1)  Mayor Residence (1)


          34702158363_40588fcc92_t.jpg                     thumb_postmill.jpg.56d1a65ff08082edca4aa64e0ef01b6b.jpg    

Mr Hendersons Rum Factory (3)          Post Mill  (1)


     35220944681_fa8344b306_t.jpg                35383624372_94129b1fb8_t.jpg 

Citrus Plantation (2)      Kiwi Plantation (1)



 35406412460_6f455d9bd4_t.jpg     pic (max100x100)        

  Dr Ayuda (2)      George's Pastry Shop (2)


35353723562_4164006bbb_t.jpg      35255602303_17b9049970_t.jpg.5f70cf9709fe3cd8052fb1d2f1c7ce32.jpg

 Warehouse (1)   MAESTRO Warehouse (3)



Agriculture School (1)


pic (max 100x100)

Prince of Brickwall (1)



   Fort Brickwall (5)

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You may now post your builds in Puerto Desafio and its hinterland in this thread.

Edited by Sir Stig

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In CH5 we won 2 large, 3 medium and 5 small microbuild licenses to be placed in a new Settlement on Isla de Victoria. We have decided to split them up among our participants.

2 Large licences - @Captain Braunsfeld (claimed); @Maxim I

3 Medium licences - @Faladrin(claimed); @Kai NRG(claimed); @Legostone(claimed)

4 Small licences - @Capt Wolf(claimed); @Sir Stig(claimed); @Elostirion(claimed); @Garmadon

There was one more small license left - we have decided to hand it out to the one non-Eslandolan who decided to support us in more than a single Category - @Professor Thaum and hope he accepts it.



We stumbled over a recently abandoned Citrus plantation in the Jungle and claimed it.


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A blacksmith's shop for Puerto Desafio!  Also, I'm finally claiming that micro-licence I won so long ago... :grin:


Licenced as a small artisan.

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