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[MOC] Star Wars Vignettes

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Hi everyone,

I started this week building small vignettes for the Star Wars promotional minifigs.

The first is the Shadow ARF Trooper.


The Shadow ARF Trooper is infiltrating an industrial building on Separatist territory. 


TC-14 has delivered the drinks, but the Jedi have fled after TC-14 heard the word: Dioxis! 


Darth Vader at the Death Star.

A Mouse Droid is passing by while Vader is looking at Obi Wan Kenobi.


In a parallel universe is Boba Fett dressed in white.

He has his own place with trophies he collected over the years.


Darth Revan has entered the Technical Service Room of a building in the Republic.

He is ready to strike. 


Darth Maul at the duel of fates. 

He has taken off the upper side of his robe to make his opponent tremble.


Admiral Yularen is present in a control room to inspect the data on an Imperial Star Destroyer.


The lieutenant is walking through the hallway.

The alarm went off and he hurries to the dropship.


If you want to see other sized pictures, you can visit my Flickr album.

Star Wars Vignettes

Comments and feedback are welcome. :classic:



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Thank you both. :classic:

10 hours ago, legofives said:

Really a fan of the maul one, looks much better than TLG's recent take on the naboo duel

Thanks. The set should have been better. I am not sure if I am gonna buy the set, but at least I have created the scene.

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I have finished several other vignettes.


After the crash, Finn or FN-2187 is walking through the desert on Jakku.


In the hallway is TC-4 waiting for Palpatine to arrive.


On the Starkiller base a stormtrooper is on the lookout.


The stormtrooper is missing the speach from the general outside the base.


A stormtrooper sergeant is walking through the corridor on an Imperial Star Destroyer.


An A-Wing Fighter Pilot has heard the alarm and must go to the A-Wing Fighter.


A droid is walking through the remnants of the battle of Takodana.

Wait! That is C-3PO. It is hard to tell because of the red arm.


Star Wars Vignettes

The pictures are in my Flickr album.

Comments and questions are welcome.:classic:



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