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"Don't Ask Me Who I Am. You Say-" -Qlenasy 



Born from the Lunar domain, she rarely leaving her residents, however she often gaze upon the distance at the Dusk Shore.
Despite being a maiden, she's the Branch Chief of the Lunar Empire. If the Empress decease without a child, Qlenasy will take the throne. 


Qlenasy have 4 type of emotion she can swap to; :sceptic:



Neutral = Balanced, Intelligent, Cautious

Her vanilla state.

Despite the lack of expression in this form, she can still use small portion of her other 3 facial power in this form. 



Alluring = Happy, Loving, Cheerful

Despite her bright face, she can still pose a treat in this form.

The Jantukum Flower is an exclusive plant found only in the Lunar Valley, but it can also act like a bomb by fluorously combusting. 



Psychotic = Demonic, Sinister, Deviant

While shes not psychopathic in this form, it's know to be the most dangerous from all 4 forms.

A cut from the Schizo Blade open up a gap of fear throughout the target membrane.



Sorrowful = Enraged, Depressed, Reckless

With blood pouring through her eyes, this isn't just most unhealthy form to face against, but also painful to battle against.

The Dual Grim Flail-Blade create vase energy which can duplicate itself in combat. 






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As much as i hate mixing regular lego blocks with CCBS/Technic. This still was pretty awesome. The design on the legs look cool. Can we have a closer look? 

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3 hours ago, Square said:


The lower leg design is based around one of Molly Raye & Shadowgear6335 moc design. I will admit this is one of my least favorite build since she lack an upper limb, preventing her to bend down properly.

Thanks man. Now i know how to build it. Ingenious idea. Simple and efficient. 

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