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Makuta Master of Shadows

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I was going to wait until Cyberhand finished the final version of the Titan Scale MOUP but that doesn't seem like it's going to happen anytime soon. So I'd figure I would show off the Moc now and add more pictures when I got the final Titan Scale MOUP

The idea behind the moc was to somewhat recreate G1 Makuta's Shadow Titan build (2003 Makuta) Yet also keep aspects of G2 Mask Maker Makuta. I really like how it turned out. But one problem is with the massive hammer I gave him. He's a bit top heavy due to the small feet. But I like the design to much to change it and its not hard to get him to balance.


Pictures (Will resize if needed)






No Hammer or Cape




His weapon. Which I've dubbed the Corrupted Crystalline Hammer


Figured I'd also try to see what he looks like with my Metal MOUP. Its not fully attached so it won't get stuck so I only have one picture


And one last picture of what he looked like with the gold G1 Mask of Shadows


Finally an LXF file of his build. Most of the G2 parts aren't there but it should be easy to create him using the LXF file

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Clever foot design, and nice hammer. If there was one good thing that came out of g2's cancellation, It was the fantastic makuta mocs it gave rise to.

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6 minutes ago, Bbrink1996 said:

Ooohh, I love that hammer!

Thank you. I went through many designs of the hammer head before coming up with this version. It's my favorite part of the moc.

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