[Thrawn] - Lessons from Endor

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Lessons from Endor


Adminiral Thrawn's ship had arrived at the site of the destruction of the second Death Star a day ago. He sent a team to the surface of the moon. Admiral Thrawn stood in his office observing an animal skin painting recovered from the ewoks.

Commander Kenner waited patiently for some time before deciding to speak. "Pardon my interruption Admiral. I completely understand coming here to see the destruction and perhaps search for survivors or recoverable equipment. But why waste your time on this primitive painting."

Admiral Thrawn continued to examine the painting as he spoke. "The Emperor failed to study how the Rebels defeated the first Death Star. That may have allowed them to succeed at destroying the second. Understanding one's enemy is critical to defeating them. Based on the destruction around the shield station, it is clear that the Rebels acquired the assistance of the natives of this world. While primitive, their tactics enabled the Rebels to destroy the shield."

The commander remained unconvinced. "This painting will enable you to understand there tactics?"

"No," responded Admiral Thrawn. "The painting shows how the Rebels secured their aid. The natives are worshiping this golden being. No doubt they mistook Princess Leia's protocol droid for this being."

Thrawn turned to the commander. "Repaint one of our 3PO units the same color. Send it down with a squad of storm troopers. They are to befriend the natives and learn their military secrets."


The stormtrooper turned to another member of his unit. "How are dropping rocks in space going to help? Why are we training to use bows and arrows? Isn't swinging that big log from the AT-ST going to make it off balanced?"

The other trooper just shrugged. "I just follow the orders."


Posting this now so I don't forget before the contest ends. There are still things I want to improve if I get a chance. I'm stretching the "triumphing over them by studying their art." In this case they triumph over the ewoks by converting them to "help" them.

I know the Tie Fighter doesn't match any known design. You can say it is prototype or modifications were needed to hold the rocks. I tried to make it recognizable as a Tie Fighter like design with what I had. Same goes for the AT-ST although I think that looks more accurate.



Full images of the two scenes:






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Love your story! That's a brilliant play using another gold protocol droid! And while your AT-ST looks a little blocky, there's something about it I really like. 

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Fixed the first scene to not have a huge desk anymore. (Refresh if you still see the huge desk.)

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Great idea for a story... Nicely executed too despite your lack of bricks!! 

Nice work!!

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