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[MOC] Passenger car 2nd class

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Goal was to make as similar wagon as this one from Roco company, which make locomotives, wagons etc for model railway.
This wagon was made in Epoche III and for "Deutsche Reichsbahn (DDR)".

Of course, some modifications and compensation was made, because of lack of some LEGO pieces in right color or they are too expensive, like curved slopes for the roof in metallic color.
Emmm, I'm sorry for the unclear pictures. :blush:


Wagon is without interior, because there is no room for anything detailed, except LEGO seats.

I try to make chassis frame as on the picture, but use the original LEGO wheels. The wheels are a little bit too far from each other what causes some friction on LEGO curved rails, but on bigger radius like ME Model tracks has, there is no problem at all.

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Very nice! A rake of two or three of these would look beautiful!
For the long wheelbase, some people have developed a flexible, sprung frame so that the wheels can move slightly to fit the corners better. Each wheelset is attached via a turntable so it can pivot, and a rubber band or technic 'flex axle' used to keep them aligned on straights.
Here's a similar design, by Michael Gale:
Also, have you considered offsetting the doors by half a stud either into or out of the carriage, to emphasis that it's a door?


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@ColletArrow. I have made two of them. Here are together with BR80 made from Ha Bricks

I know about the solution with flexible wheelbase. Also with an option when connected two wheels with hose.But problem is, that than I can't use the custom chassis (like I want) and LEGO wheels together, because in case I mounted the turntable, the distance from wheels will increase for two plates. I tried it and it looks ugly. :sceptic:
For our exhibitions we stop using LEGO curved rails and we use only ME Models, except with switches, so there is no problem with friction anymore.
Yes, the doors. Problem is, that there are no "jumpers" in dark green color, so I used black ones on bottom and DBG on the top of the doors and I wasn't satisfied.

THX for the tips! :classic:

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No problem :classic:.

It does look like a really nice branch-line train; perhaps a guards coach would finish off the train? (also, that HA bricks link failed.)

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