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Trading 75095 UCS Tie Fighter

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 I managed to get ahold of a UCS Tie Fighter in an Amazon lightning deal for $130 last year. I wasn't interested in the set itself and was hoping I'd be able to sell it on the aftermarket, but considering how it's still only going for around $180 on Bricklink, I'm not sure if my return on investment would be that high. I'm planning to buy one larger set before I take a break from LEGO over the next year, so I thought I might be able to trade the Tie Fighter instead of selling it. Here are the three top options I'm considering right now:

- Trade it now for a 70751 Temple of Airjitzu (same RRP)

- Wait a few months and then trade it for the Destiny's Bounty and City Chase from the Ninjago Movie line

- Keep it until it's discontinued, then sell it (hopefully value will have increased by then)

 I might also be willing to trade it for another $200 set or bundle of sets, depending on who's interested. This is my first time attempting to make a transaction like this, so if anyone has any suggestions, or is interested in buying/trading for the set, I would really appreciate it.

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