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Holo transmission between Governor Tarkin and Emperor Palpatine...

Emperor Palpatine to Tarkin: Governor, I received a report on a series of attacks by Phoenix Squadron on Sentinel base. Is this true?

Tarkin: My Lord, the report states the truth.

Palpatine(angrily): I expected better than this. You should have eradicated them by now, instead of being attacked Governor.

Tarkin: But my Lord, the attacks were unexpected, and...

Palpatine: Spare me the excuses Governor, I see that you are unfit for the task at hand, that is why I am sending Grand Admiral Thrawn to assist you.

Tarkin(protesting): But your Lordship, I can handle this task without need

Palpatine: Silence Governor! Perhaps I should send Lord Vader instead.

Tarkin(afraid): There is no need my Lord, Grand Admiral Thrawn will be enough.

Palpatine(pleased): Then so it shall be, Governor. I expect the situation to be resolved soon.

Tarkin(very unhappy): Yes my Lord





Assigned by Emperor Palpatine to aid Grand Moff Tarkin in defending the highly important missile base on Lothal, Grand Admiral Thrawn, along with his star destroyer, the Chimaera, have finally arrived in orbit around the planet. Boarding his shuttle, the Grand Admiral is prepared to crush the local resistance, also capturing key members part of Phoenix Squadron. 

The Lambda shuttle began it's landing procedure as it approached the landing pad. Shortly after landing, Grand Admiral Thrawn emerged from the shuttle, escorted by his usual security detail.


Gazing around the airfield, Thrawn spotted troopers rushing to put out flames from the shield generator and the fuel tanks.

Tarkin(unpleasantly,to Thrawn): Welcome Grand Admiral, to Sentinel base. We are honored by your presence.

Thrawn(to Tarkin): Thank you Governor. Tell me, is there something troubling you?

Tarkin(surprised): No, not at all Grand Admiral.

Thrawn: We shall get to business then.

Tarkin: Yes. Recently, there were a series of rebel attacks on our missile research base.

Thrawn(Interrupting): So I heard.

Tarkin(angry at being interrupted): Fortunately our defenses were enough to stop them from destroying the launch pad. The Emperor is very displeased.

Thrawn: So that's the reason the Emperor assigned me here. Perhaps you can show me a few holo recordings of the attacks. 
Tarkin(unhappily) : Yes, we captured most of the attacks on the hidden holo cams as well discovering a phoenix insignia burned on a wall. 
Thrawn: Show me. 
Leading the Grand Admiral to the missile launch pad, Tarkin showed Thrawn the massive phoenix shaped burn on the wall. 
Thrawn: Interesting...



After leaving the missile pad, Thrawn went to his new office in the research complex. 



Studying the holo recordings, a smile creeping onto his lips, Thrawn finally understood the motive of the rebels and their true target. Reaching for his comlink, he called Tarkin to his office. 
Tarkin: Yes Grand Admiral? What is it? 
Thrawn: Governor, I believe I have discovered the true target of the rebels. 
Tarkin: Really? What is it? The missile launch pad! That's their target! I will tighten the security there immediately! 
Thrawn: As I expected. You fell for their ruse. 
Tarkin: If it isn't the missile, then what is their target? 
Thrawn: Think Governor. The rebels obviously found the location of the missile. If they wanted to destroy it, the lab would be rubble by now. The attacks were a ruse to make us loosen our security in the laboratory so they can steal the technical readouts of the missile. 
Tarkin: So do I need to double the security in the lab? 
Thrawn: No Governor, still, prepare your troops.

Tarkin: If I shouldn't tighten the security, why prepare my troops?

Thrawn: I assure you Governor, if you listen to me, the rebels will be captured by the end of the day. 

Tarkin(Questioningly): Okay? So I'll follow your lead then.
Thrawn: Good. Bring in some shadow guards as well, Governor. 
Tarkin : Why? 
Thrawn: I got a feeling that there will be Jedi present at the attack. 








As the cut metal was pushed aside, Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus, Sabine Wren and several troopers entered the laboratory. 
Ezra: Now that's easy. 
Sabine: The imperials don't seem to have even tightened their security. 
Trooper 1: Lieutenant, we found the technical readouts. 
Ezra: Extract them. Let's hope our luck holds out. 

Kanan: Be quick. I sense a trap. 




As the trooper extracted the technical readouts of the missile, the lights suddenly turned on and two squads of stormtroopers ran in, blasters drawn as well as two Shadow Guards and their Shadow Troopers. 




Grand Admiral Thrawn and Governor Tarkin soon entered the lab, escorted by Senate Commandos. 
Ezra: Thrawn! 
Tarkin: Ezra Bridger, Sabine Wren and Kanan Jarrus, you are under arrest! 




Ezra(angrily): How did you know we are attacking the lab? 
Thrawn: I noticed that you found the missile launch pad, yet you did not destroy it.
Kanan: And how did you know we will be here? 
Thrawn: I suspect that your padawan learner left the phoenix mark with his lightsaber, to tell us that Phoenix Squadron was behind the attacks.
Tarkin: Enough with the chit chat, trooper take them away! 




Sabine(to Thrawn): No matter how hard you try, Grand Admiral, Phoenix Squadron will always be one step ahead! 
Thrawn: I don't think so, rebel scum. In time, it will be I who is the victor. 
He watched the troopers as they led the rebels away. 




Tarkin: Your reputation certainly precedes you Grand Admiral.

Thrawn: I'll take that as a compliment.

Tarkin to Thrawn: The Emperor will be pleased. Not only did we resolve this matter, we captured two Jedi for him as well. 
Thrawn: Yes Governor, he will be. Also, I received a transmission form the Emperor himself. 

Tarkin(nervous): what did he say? Tell me! 

Thrawn: You are relieved of your assignment effective immediately. I am in charge of the Lothal system now and the problem of Phoenix Squadron. 

Tarkin(very mad): WHAAAT! 

Thrawn(calm): The Emperor requests you to go to imperial center at once as well. 

Tarkin(fuming): Oh I will!



Pics of the mocs









Made a sliding door for the big moc, got a bit stuck in the middle. here is a video



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You have captured the tone of Thrawn's voice very well! One suggestion I would make would be to add some white poster board behind your larger shots. This will allow you to take wider angle pictures while still having a nice background. You can usually get poster board for pretty cheap.

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Thanks. I'll try to get something white, if not, I can stick white paper on cardboard to make do. One question, will there be a new competition soon?  

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On 6/6/2017 at 6:24 AM, Darth Stripy said:

Thanks. I'll try to get something white, if not, I can stick white paper on cardboard to make do. One question, will there be a new competition soon?  

We usually only do 1 big SW contest around May for May the 4th. But there are always competitions going on with Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka. You should check it out!

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