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Cody Startale

[SoNE Ep. XV] Skyhook – Top of the Class

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Fellow players,


before I move on to the actual episode, I wanted to thank each and everyone of you for contributing to this fun game. As we are nearing what seems to be a climax of at least this story arc of Nar Eurbrikka, I thought it would be a good opportunity to celebrate this cool event with some special content. I hope you enjoy it:


Click here if Youtube doesn't work (likely to happen on mobile) for an alternate host.


That was a good deal of fun and put me in the right mood for this episode. So please enjoy this as well:


Story portion:



Alia: When we received the call to Coruscant, I didn't get the urgency at first. But now, I understand...



Alia: Now this is what I call a space battle!



Cody: How is it looking? Are we, uhm, winning?
Alia: Not really. At least the princess has been rescued, but Xizor got away and escaped to his Skyhook. The Star Destroyers are hammering away at it, but its shields are holding! And in the meantime, his Viper starfighters are giving everyone in the sky a hard time. Looks like Xizor had a lot more up his sleeve than anyone anticipated...



Cody: Wait a minute! Alia, fly us closer to the skyhook!
Alia: Closer? What's the big idea, rookie, do you feel like suicide today?



Cody: I'm not kidding, Alia! I... I know how to disable the shields! I BUILT this thing!
Alia: What?!
Cody: I told you, I was at the Advanced Engineering Academy of Commenor! I recognize the hull... Alia, we've helped design this skyhook thing! I know how to cut the energy line of the main shield generators!



Alia: And how's that supposed to work? Nothing can penetrate that shield, not even the fire of the Star Destroyers! How are we supposed to get anything through it?
Cody: No blaster fire or any other energy discharge can pass through it... but a person can. Is this EVA * suit operational?

*EVA = Extra Vehicular Activity



Alia: The EVA su–... I, I suppose it is. What are you up to?
Cody: Well, take a wild guess. I'm gonna go EVA and disable the shields manually. I only need you to get us close enough to the hull so I can make a safe jump. And to stay near me to pick me up again. If I succeed and the shields break, that skyhook things will be stardust within minutes.
Alia: Dammit, rookie. There's an awful lot of laser fire in that general direction... and you're crazy! Hold on, we're going in!



Cody: Down there, that looks like a good spot!
Alia: Patience, rookie, someone's gotta dodge that turbolaser fire, you know?



Cody: I'm in position!
Alia: Then jump, quickly! We're sitting ducks here, someone's getting a lock on me already!



Cody: I did it! I reached the hull!



Cody: *huff* Good thing I have that magnetic lifter...



Cody: Alright, here we go... woah, was the interior always this crammed? It's not like I remember...
Alia: Rookie, I am taking a beating out here! You better hurry the hell up and prove that you've learned something at this academy of your's, before I'm TOAST up here!



Cody: Okay, okay! I'm on it! (Now, let's hope I cut the right wire... )



Cody: That should do it!
Alia: Whatever you did, rookie, it seems to be working. The entire skyhook is shaking like it's being ran over by a bunch of wookiees! No more shields for Xizor to hide behind!



Alia: Ready when you are!
Cody: I'm on board! Let's go!



Alia: Let's get away before this thing blows up... and before the Imperials find a new target to concentrate on when Xizor's gone!


Raw BTS images:












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First off, that video was awesome!  

As usual, great photography and your comic-book style really helps with the story telling.  I love the microscale skyhook, and the combination of the micro and minifig scale elements in the EVA scene worked well.

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That's a great entry... like the micro ships, they are really good and really accurate

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This was downright awesome; so much SW goodness! The video set the scene perfectly. The photography in these shots is top-notch with the mix of micro and minifig-scaled models. Also great work on the micro-ships, especially loving the Star-destroyer and Outrider:wub:. All around, great entry. 

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12 hours ago, Cody Startale said:

Alia: Now this is what I call a space battle!

Now this is what I call a good build! Great job.

The only thing I would question is the use of the Resistance Trooper helmet :wink: otherwise this is fantastic.

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That video was great, as the others said, it really set up your build! I love the use of microscale and minifigscale, you did a great job editing them together! Pretty seamlessly too.

(Doesn't that EVA helmet have a hole under the visor? Vacuum of space isn't really healthy even in small amounts. :tongue:)

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Thank you all for the positive words! I am aware that I was pretty much stretching the rules with this entry, but I just didn't know how to show a somewhat authentic space battle (or space scenes themselves) without some serious compositing. But that's also why I made sure to include a big physical portion with the part of the hull to feature prominently in the build, so that the edited stuff is only background decoration and the main actions are taking place at an actual build instead. So I hope everyone is okay with the end result. And yeah, that video was a lot of fun. After having played through Shadows of the Empire in preparation for this episode, I thought it would be such a nice and classic Star Wars thing to do as a setup, like before you get to play a mission in a new level, you would see an opening crawl and a cut scene and it gets you all excited :blush:

Good catch, Beltar, the Resistance helmet is indeed not too EVA-fit :tongue: But I needed something that looked Star Wars-y and also allowed to see Cody's face, so there's that...


A few things I learned from this episode:

  • Building small rather than big, especially if you have limited resources, can be very satisfying.
  • Mini- and medi-builds still allow for an unexpected level of detail and creativity. There's so many versatile parts you can put to great use even in this small scale.
  • X-Wings and TIE Fighters are still, and probably always will be, the greatest starfighters in the Star Wars universe.
  • I might actually like the shape of the Outrider more than the Millennium Falcon itself. *huh*
  • Greebling can take a lot of time.

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:drool: Wow! That video was amazing! I love all the effort you put into this. It's a good thing there are multiple judges because I would give you an automatic "you-beat-everyone-win" if it were just up to me!

Some of your micro-ships look a little blocky, but your photography more than makes up for it!

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