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Commander Beltar

[SoNE Ep. XV] Skyhook - Fire in the Sky

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The story so far:
First Day Aboard the Avenger
At The Table-Before The Storm
Rescue Mission
Eliminating The Competition
Target Practice
“Here we go again…”
Evac Escape
A Quick Transaction
"Black Sunshine"
Repel and Retreat
Flatline Reflection
A Promotional Meeting
The New Squad

Farmland Triangulation

The Rat

Traitor In The Sunshine

Previously:  "Home" in the Minds View

(Dear Goodness, when will spoilers be fixed? At least for me! AH! I had to take this stuff out of a spoiler:

About 1 Hour Ago:

“This is Alliance Task Force Delta, led by Light Frigate Skyfire. We are reroute to Coruscant.”

About 15 Minutes Ago:


DC: Good luck out there. I heard the orders, not going to be easy. Shouldn’t bother you though. We on the other hand, have to go through the sewers….

Alyin: It’s not the mission, sir. It’s the fact that we are working with the Rebel scum.

DC: I know. However-

Beltar: Comlink just buzzed, we got to go to the dropship.

DC: Alright, let’s go. Good luck Al.

Alyin: Won’t need it. Alright boys, suit up and follow me.

(That was supposed to be a ‘freebuild’ it was really bad so it wasn’t. Also it’s just a setup. So read on)



In the last hour, the small Rebel Extraction Force has been taking a beating. The Black Sun’s Viper’s seem to have the upper hand, and hope seems to be lost. Even the Imperial’s first responders off of Couruscant are overwhelmed by the Black Sun’s pilots. In this desperate hour, Imperials and Rebels alike, find themselves facing a common foe. The battle may soon be over if no reinforcements are sent.   


TIE Commander: I-I can’t hold it- Ahhhhdgasg!

Red 13: I got  y- *boom*

Green Leader: This is Green Leader to the Outrider. How much longer do we need to buy for Skywalker and the rest of the ground forces?

Dash: I don’t know, just hold on a bit longer Commander. Wait- Skyfire, what’s happening over there?

Lieutenant: The majority of the crew of the Skyfire are being evacuated. We’ve sustained too much engine damage to stay in the sky much longer. The command crew is all that’s left. I don’t know how long those pods will survive out there.

Dash: We’re gonna have to wait for the signal from Skywalker then- wait. Something just came out of hyperspace- what’s that?


*General Brickdoctor: This is General Brickdoctor. Reinforcements have arrived.*

Alyin: All Units, form up. Stay together till we reach the Skyhook. Valkyrie Two and Three, one me. Cover me while I deploy our troops on it’s hull.

Valkyrie 2: Gotcha boss.



Alyin: Almost there. Dang, those fighters really can maneuver.

Valkyrie 3: Nothing we can’t handle. Right sir?

Alyin: Right, deploying ramp…



Trooper: We are down! Move it troopers! You’re all clear Valkyrie Leader!

Alyin: Already on my way out. Good luck boys.

Valkyrie 2: I’m getting locked on to!

Alyin: Hold it together!



Valkyrie 2: I-I-think I’m alri-

Alyin: Eject!

Valkyrie 3: Too late! MOVE!

In an instant, Valkyrie Two was a burning pile of metal, and now the Star Vipers were closing in.



Alyin: They’re on our tail now, we need to-

Valkyrie 3: Not for long. We will overwhelm them momentarily.



Lieutenant: This is *kzsk* Lieutenant Almus of the Rebel frigate Skyfire. If you hear this, *ksk* would you do us a favor and pick our pods up? They won’t last much longer out here. We’ve already lost two.

Alyin: This is Valkyrie Leader, I’ll send for a ship. Can’t promise when, or what will happen to the crew…

Lieutenant: Thank you, *kzk.* anything is better than having those men sit in a pod in the midst of this chaos.

Green Leader: Green Squadron needs fighter assistance! Gah-!

Red Leader: A little too much on my hands. Sorry!
Rogue 8: On my way—Ahfhsdg! *boom*


Alyin: We’ve got your back commander, you lost one though.

Green Leader: Thank you. Never thought I’d see this day. Imperials and Rebels fighting together.

Valkyrie 3: We’re full of surprises.


Green Leader: Thanks to the Imperial Fleet, this day might just turn around.

Alyin: It’s not over yet commander, still a lot more Black Sun goons to get! 

The new combined forces of Imperial Reinforcements and what was left of the Rebels and First Responders, seemed to be turning the day around, though, for every Black Sun shot down, they seemed to take two of them with them.



Note: Interestingly enough, after rendering all of these, Valkyrie 3 actually has an error. On the TIE's wing. If you care to notice, it isn't even connected to the hull. :wacko: I think that perhaps I originally meant to blow that one up or something, but too late. Also I noticed a load more typing errors above in the actual entry, but since the time has passed, I will refrain from editing it. 

Am I the only one with s poiler problems?? Everytime I put it above something, it puts all the text below it in it...

Anyways, thank you for reading, hopefully you enjoyed this! I personally am really proud of the Skyhook and the Rebel Frigate. However, the TIE’s really bug me. Obviously when making a giant fleet there’s a lot of copying and pasting… However, some of it kind of gave the TIEs some weird angles, so it looks like they are flying the wrong way. Ah well, I am not going to use the rotation tool on each and every TIE. Especially when this build is 11k Parts. (my program crashed quite a few times rendering it and building it) also yeah, digital. Most of my parts are packed away so I couldn't build anything. (No anything I could've built physically could have been like this.) There’s a non digital part at the beginning because I managed to get a few parts out of storage though . Also I didn’t post it as a freebuild because it’s tiny, and like 3 lines of dialogue so it would be a waste.  There was so much more I wanted to do with this build. Like finish building the ENTIRE Skyhook. At first I planned on doing just the level with those- spikes? – And then it built up. Then it built down. Then I realized it was way too many parts. So I glossed over it. Perhaps I will return to it later. I also thought of adding debris, then i realized how difficult it would be. (Something like a debris field in the new battlefront game on the Rogue One map.) Also I might add, I was inspired from various people on those micro scale ships. So there was definitely some people I borrowed the designs from, I changed it up a little bit though.

 Also thank you for this Episode, I totally didn't use it as an excuse to dig up the N64 in my closet then buy the game for erm... 'reference'. This was quite a fun build.

Oh yes, almost forgot. Where is Beltar in this build?!?!?! He wasn’t in the majority of this!?!?! Well, I had no idea I breached 100 XP till the beginning of this Episode. So… I was thinking who could my second character be? A pilot! Awhile back I actually really wanted to do a space focused build, like this. But I never did cause Beltar wasn’t a pilot, and I used physical bricks. Well, now I can. I guess- Valkyrie Leader/Alyin can be erm… [insert something witty using numbers and letters out of my name] So looks like in the future I will be doing more digital builds as well. This is also like the 2nd time where I edited photos for a build.

Anyways, Comments and Criticism welcome! 


(SERIOUSLY!) I have to put a spoiler at the bottom because of this!)

Although this was a big waste of my computer’s resources, somehow I ended up with spare renders. *sigh*

Note: Reason for edit after episode: Grammar thing, and forgot to add something down in this extra text area. 2 times... (and a bit of other stuff in this bottom paragraph.)

Extra Pics:

Edited by Commander Beltar
Isn't it great when you realize you forgot to mention more stuff?

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On 6/3/2017 at 11:04 AM, LEGORACER1 said:

That is Amazing.

Thank you!

On 6/3/2017 at 0:30 PM, Professor Thaum said:

Heck of a show !!!

A performance-like LDD built...


Really great !

Thanks! Also, performance like? More like PC Performance-Breaking. Every time I loaded this build and built more and more on it, I was worried I would lose the progress from that chunk of building because it felt like my PC was going to crash will all the lag.

23 hours ago, VaderFan2187 said:

Ah yes. Now this is darn good. :thumbup:

For the Empire!


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Amazing work here,  Beltar - I feel like this is really using LDD to it's full potential.  The skyhook is beautiful - very imposing looking, and I think you strike a nice balance between greebles and smooth bits.  The micro Star Vipers are great, and I love the shots where the huge swarm of TIEs is approaching the battle.

re: spoilers, I usually put an extra line above and below whatever I want to be in the spoiler, then highlight the whole thing and use the 'spoiler' button in the editor... you might have tried that already, but that's what works for me.

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That is massive, and impressive to no end. As LL pointed out, the full potential of digital building and a great show of what can be done with enough time, skill and dedication. You went all out on this build, and it shows. The result looks very, very Star Wars to me, together with a cool narrative and a lot of great details, like fighters burning, exploding and crashing, the fleet in hyperspace or the escape pods leaving the burning ship. Just brilliant. And it's nice to see another Outrider, the plot really called for that one, didn't it?


I can't shake the feeling that the Empire will have the upper hand in this episode, and with builds like this, rightfully so.

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