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Years ago I had a wish to build a truck. And.. I had plenty of white bricks. So I googled some white trucks and it just happened that I found a Scania T-cab wrecker truck from Slades Garage. Somehow I even got in contact with Matt, the driver (and owner?) of the truck. I contacted him for more pics and features of the truck. But.. he didn't replay in time. The first version of my model had pneumatic features on it. Many of functions where wrong.

Then.. months later fellow Mocker - Dennis from Netherlands - discovered my moc and offered me few more pics of the truck from one of the truck-shows. That gave me opportunity to observe the details more closely and build a better version, a second version. And this time I went for remote control features. But - as the electric motors were stronger than previous pneumatics (and they also took more space) the result was more fragile. So there was a second rebuild, a third version with entirely new chassis, built out of lego technick.

So.. after something like three years and countless iterations, I consider the moc finished. It has eight functions - all four by two channels are used:
 - Driving (XL motor - channel 1)
 - Steering (M motor - channel 1)
 - Left outtrigger (M motor - channel 2)
 - Right outtrigger (M motor - channel 2)
 - Raise / lower main boom (L motor - channel 3)
 - Underlift (M motor - channel 3)
 - Extract / detract main boom (L motor - channel 4)
 - Spool (M motor - channel 4)









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Excellent work. The stickers are first class.

You just gotta love a wrecker :classic:

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This one's very neat. I remember I sent you a bunch of pictures some years ago. Just to compare the model with the real thing: 


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Oh.. so it was you @Dennis Bosman I remember it was one of you Dennis's, but couldn't find any evidence, which one exactly :blush: as you both are into trucks.
Many thanks for that. As you can see - they were very useful.

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Awesome truck! Great shapes, the truck's curved roof looks to fit perfectly with the real Scania cabin.

The winch seems massive! 

Waiting for a demo video ;)

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