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Multi-Purpose tracked vehicle

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

I’d like to present you my tracked vehicle.

Even though I’m interested in tracked vehicles since I’ve been a KFOL I seldom built them cause the function of the standard tracked carriage using toothed gears as idler roller is very poor on slippery floors.

Inspired by the excavator of set 42023 I tried to create a system using bevel gear 

as idler roller.

The result works very well on smooth wooden floors. Furthermore it is very stable and looks similar to real carriages.


The cab fit’s 4 Minifg.


For loading operations the vehicle is equipped with a knuckle boom crane.


Behind the cab there is a hatch for Tools.

Standard Equipment:


A lot of hatches


One manufacturer for such vehicles is for example

In the beginning I wanted to build a four tracked Husky 8, but because of the playability I decided to build something similar to the more simple two tracked Nodwell 320.

Vehicles like this are capable of traversing a wide variety of adverse terrain conditions such as sand, mud muskeg, swamp, and snow.

For example power line construction in North America.


Equipment for power line construction


Drilling holes for the pole


Erecting the pole


Working with the basket


Some more photos you can find on Flickr.


 Interested what you say!


Kind regards,



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Beautiful and bright work. Pleases a huge number of functions, a high degree of the game's possibilities, and, at the same time, the dimensions are preserved in the classic tradition of the city's Lego. We do not have such a means of transport and repair in the collection and in homemade clothes. I'll have to collect something like that.

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Looks very utilitarian with all the square corners and compartments, I like it.

I never would have thought that the tracks had no traction on smooth floors until you brought it up, great to hear another problem being solved through the power of LEGO lol


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Thanks guy's for your response! 

Yes, this kind of vehicles is utilitarian - designed just to work and survive under roughest conditions.

The MOC itself has to withstand rough conditions too - as toy of my kids :classic:

Kind regards


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