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Cody Startale

[SoNE Freebuild XIV-I] Welcome to the Rebellion

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Hello there! As the 15th episode's deadline is quickly approaching, I still have to set a few things up, story-wise, so let me please present a little freebuild today before moving on to bigger things later this week!


I stay true to my tradition and tell my build's story comic-style – there's speech bubbles and lots of shots, detailing actions and characters, so please give it a look. If you have missed the previous chapters, feel free to give them a shot (they're a quick read, I promise):

Episode 0 – The Introduction

Episode XII – Den Of The Dragon

XII-I – Sowing The Seed

Episode XIII – Quantum Of Sunrise

XIII-I - Quite A Mercenary

Episode XIV - Day Of The Spectacle


And here, the new chapter: XIV-I – Welcome to the Rebellion





















Behind the scenes:



The build in its entirety. I think it was my first time doing a floor that way, and I had to get creative for the control room's round shape. But I could cheat a little in only building half the room, so that helped. The computer monitor can be lit and is powered with a Lego Power Functions LED.



The AX-235 outpost did actually exist in the expanded universe and is featured in the X-Wing pc game. It is the outpost that intercepted the data transmissions of the first Death Star and relayed that data to the Tantive IV. Now that Rogue One has written new history on that chapter of the Star Wars galaxy, I decided to re-introduce AX-235 into my head canon this way.

The outpost, as featured in the game, is actually based on a Ralph McQuarrie drawing for a Hoth base control room itself:


I only found out about that later, or I would rather have based my build on that and ended up with something more detailed, I assume.


Feedback and c&c is always welcome! :purrr: Also, please judge this freebuild.

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Thank you a lot! Yeah, I've been waiting to use the Freemakers for a while :grin: And since the time should be pretty much the same as after their first season, I thought it was appropriate to have them appear within the Rebel ranks. :classic:

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Nice work here mate! The base is really well done, especially that control panel area. 

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Awesome build and story! I love the way you've done it in the style of a comic book.

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Hey, that's the new season, I don't know anything about that :D Also, it might be ugly, but it has a lot of valuable parts!


@Tariq j Thank you! :purrr:



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Fantastic scene! You definitely captured the Rebel base look with the control panel area and even made a very fitting nice addition. I also like the Freemakers cameo, makes the story feel connected with the SW universe. 

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This is amazing! Clever how you tied it into Freemaker :)

On 5/31/2017 at 5:06 AM, VaderFan2187 said:

This. :sick:


That's a work of art compared to the Star Scavenger. :cry_sad:

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