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[Thrawn] - The Last Asogian

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On board the Imperial Star Destroyer Chimaera - currently in orbit around the 4th planet of the Zamor system.

“Admiral, orbital scans have detected only simple lifeforms, no sign of any technology. Shall I give the order to resume course?”

“No Captain, we remain here. Deploy the probe droids - have them target the valleys in the north western desert region”

"But sir, our orders… the rebels on Lothal…"

34788146012_e649ba9db5_c.jpgUntitled by g.nat, on Flickr

"Lothal can wait… What’s down there is far more important. Tell me Captain, what do you know about a species called the Asogians?"

34911260396_f34a5dc679_c.jpgUntitled by g.nat, on Flickr

"The Asogians? Well, they were part of the Republic, gifted farmers and plant scientists from what I can recall."

34788128392_800ef4a041_c.jpgUntitled by g.nat, on Flickr

"Yes… it was said that their ability came from what the Jedi called the “Living Force”. The Asogian homeworld was believed to contain more species of plant than any other - in fact their name means "Children of the Green Planet"

34788161882_47e79b951a_c.jpgUntitled by g.nat, on Flickr

"Of course, now their world is nothing but a lifeless ball of molten slag..."

34788166142_d25e16d9ab_c.jpgUntitled by g.nat, on Flickr

"What happened to it?"

"Simple… they defied the Emperor. You see in the last few years of the Republic, Asogian scout ships were said to have discovered a route through the Great Galactic Hyperspace Disturbance - the barrier that prevents travel beyond our galaxy. Their Senator, Grebleips, funded a large expedition with just one aim - to travel to another galaxy!

"Another Galaxy? But if that were possible, the implications…"

"Would revolutionise our knowledge of the universe - not to mention the strategic value of such a route - new systems, resources, species and technologies. Unfortunately, the expedition returned just as the Clone Wars were beginning. In the ensuing chaos, their findings were never formally announced. Then as the war neared its end and the Jedi tried to overthrow Palpatine, Senator Grebleips showed his true colours when he refused to condemn the Jedi treachery and actively began to oppose the formation of the Empire. When the Emperor learnt that he was planning to give the navigational data to the Rebels, he sent a fleet to their home world to retrieve the information. The Asogian's chose to resist and paid the price but a handful of ships escaped; including one carrying the only known copy of the route. As a result, Imperial standing orders were issued to capture or kill any Asogian on sight. All but one of the members of that intergalactic mission have since been accounted for…"

"And you believe that he's down there?"

"I know he is. See this?"

34788171472_2253cb7390_c.jpgUntitled by g.nat, on Flickr

"What is it?"

"An Asogian Life Sculpture. Asogian explorers would create one of these when their time had come to settle down. It would consist of materials and images representing locations that has a special significance to the sculptor... their first alien world, their greatest discovery, and so on. This one was found in Senator Grebleips office after his arrest. It's carved from wood that could only be found on the Asogian homeworld and I believe it was a gift to the senator. What makes it of interest to us however, is that central flower carving"

34788169752_cc5a03e674_c.jpgUntitled by g.nat, on Flickr

"There's no record of anything like it in any Republic or Imperial data bank and yet Asogian artists were famed for the accuracy of their work - there's only one plausible explanation.."

"You mean..."

"Our mystery sculptor has traveled to a previously unknown world. The outer carvings however, do match a known species - a desert dwelling vine native to only one world..."

34951848195_e7eb4f8213_c.jpgUntitled by g.nat, on Flickr

"The planet below us?"

"Exactly - the valleys of the north western desert region to be exact. I think the creator of this piece was on the Grebleips' mission, he escaped the Emperor's reprisals and needed somewhere remote to hide out. What better place than a remote world he had previously surveyed?" 


"Bridge to Thrawn"

"Go ahead"

34564279650_ed0fe356a2_c.jpgUntitled by g.nat, on Flickr

"Sir, one of the probes has found somthing...."

"Put the images through."

34154984133_8d015894d4_c.jpgUntitled by g.nat, on Flickr

"Sir, is that a ship?"

"It is, an Asogian short range shuttle to be precise... ET Class. It appears that the surrounding rocks must have shielded it from our scans"

34924922536_e36ec47bb7_c.jpgUntitled by g.nat, on Flickr

"Look sir.."

"Our missing Asogian."

34122649654_cc88682550_c.jpgUntitled by g.nat, on Flickr

"What is he up to sir?"

"Hmm... Most of those plants aren't native to this world... It would appear that he's trying to recreate his homeworld"

34833452101_ebaf3443fd_c.jpgUntitled by g.nat, on Flickr

"Is that even possible?"

"Unfortunately we'll never find out... deploy the stormtroopers"

"Their orders?"

"Capture if possible but the data is the primary target - we cannot risk loosing it now"

34578283970_88a09df50b_c.jpgUntitled by g.nat, on Flickr


A short time later...

34579301890_f52ccb353c_c.jpgUntitled by g.nat, on Flickr

"Report Sergeant"

34578993110_2762acb96c_c.jpgUntitled by g.nat, on Flickr

"Sorry Sir, He gave us no choice. He tried to set off a series of linked detonators - the whole place would have gone up"

34801612372_576954bdf8_c.jpgUntitled by g.nat, on Flickr

"Most unfortunate, I think I would have enjoyed talking to him about his experiences. However, if he was willing to destroy all this, then the data must be here"

"It is sir, the scanning crew found this hidden inside the ship  it's heavily encrypted but it seems to be navigational data and ship logs."

34965620845_2790f953e1_c.jpgUntitled by g.nat, on Flickr

"Excellent! With this in our hands, the Rebels have nowhere to run to and their defeat is now inevitable. Once our victory is achieved...

34578287210_1eacb003df_c.jpgUntitled by g.nat, on Flickr

... then the Empire can turn its attention to new conquests"

34886660421_05f145989e_b.jpgUntitled by g.nat, on Flickr


Here's a few pics of the MOCs...

34929104775_c2255721c9_c.jpgUntitled by g.nat, on Flickr

34578293420_aa76375829_c.jpgUntitled by g.nat, on Flickr

34173409584_e0abff111b_c.jpgUntitled by g.nat, on Flickr

Inside the ship is the Asogian's (his name is Zrek apparently!!) collection of plant species, ready to be transplanted to their new world!! (I imagine that having settled on this world as a new home, that he's removed all the flight controls etc and converted the ship into a kind of plant nursery - the interior is inspired by an image I found online of an unreleased ET play set from the 1980s!!)

34629626710_e09ca2a7e3_c.jpgUntitled by g.nat, on Flickr

34206378273_678f8070b3_c.jpgUntitled by g.nat, on Flickr

Thanks for looking - I have to say I've really enjoyed putting this together and coming up with the story (mainly inspired by online background info I found linking ET and Star Wars following the appearance of the aliens in the Phantom Menace) The ship was especially challenging!!

Finally thanks to the competition organisers, I look forward to seeing the other entries!! 


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Excellent work! I love the way you've shown the surface of the planet through the window in Thrawns Office, the shuttle looks amazing and good use of the Death Star planet piece :thumbup:

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Another thing I want to point out about this build (aside from the lovely ship interior which you added pictures of), is that the photography is very well done. Especially with Thrawn's control room. You succeeded in making this a very effective build in that it is pretty small, yet due to the photography, it never feels cut off or disconnected, but does indeed feel like a bigger control room. I was actually surprised how small and simple the actual build of the room was, it somehow looks more spacious in the cinematic shots.

The same principle applies to the outside shots with E.T. . Due to the clever use of camera angles and the blue baseplates as a sky, it really looks like a wide valley. Good job!

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+ You seem to know Thrawn quite well. At least you have captured the character; the way he communicates/explains a situation to others very VERY well.
+ the inclusion of ET is just perfect. I'd rather think of some silly inclusion of another Lego theme (Bionicle, Johnny Thunder?), but ET is perfect since (as absurd as it is) the species still exists in-universe.

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Amazing work, greg3!  The builds, photography, and story (each of which is flawless on its own) all blend together perfectly to make a truly epic entry.  This my favorite by far.

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Thanks for all the kind comments (and votes!!) I have to say I really enjoyed building this and creating the background story - Thrawn being one of my favourite characters (oh and sorry to any ET fans out there!!!) Thanks again to those involved in organising the competition and providing the prizes. 

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