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Receiving transmission:

"Commandant. We have recovered the secret data from the archive. The data was highly encrypted but after our best hacker decrypted it, we found out that it had highly sophisticated mech frame plans. We carried out the XTS-620 experimental mech frame to the test range and it pretty much passed all the test in record timing. This is one of the most destructive mech we have ever built. We call it "Twins". This "Twins" mech is piloted by two pilots working in perfect harmony with eachother. The left side is mounted with a highly destructive gauss ion cannon. It has enough power to pierce our experimental "Cocoon" armor. The weapon is still not fully tested so do not go over 70% power or you risk destroying the arm completely. On the left side, we have a high pressurized pyromite launcher that has 3 times the range of our standard pyromite launchers. Also for melee combat, the left arm is mounted with a large plasmite claw. There is enough power to crush a class 5 titan head like an egg. The legs are equipped with experimental dampening systems that allow the mech to jump down without any damage to the actuators. This mech requires highly trained pilots that can sync up in perfect harmony. We have sent you this experimental mech for a field test on real action. Be cautious." -Mech build lab






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Connecting to the mechbuild lab.. 

Connection established: 

"Hello mechbuild lab. We had massive success with the new experimental mech. We also to add a salvaged missile battery to the right side of the mech to help combat against those pesky fliers. 
We also found a mysterious large wreck in the junkyard but it kind of resembles a mech.. Should we get this thing shipped to the lab? Awaiting for your decision. "  -Commandant


Receiving transmission:

"Hello commandant. We're thrilled that the experimental twin mech succeeded. The addition of the missile battery was a great addition. Please send us the unidentified wreck and we'll look into it commandant."  -Mech build lab

(There is a big mech coming next. Stay tuned guys. And please comment on my mech builds. Without criticism, there is no improvement.)

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