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Hello, Eurobricks! Longtime lurker, first-time poster, etc.

I'm diving into the forums for one reason, and one reason only: To track down and exhaustively understand the LEGO Space shared universe.
In particular, the "Golden Age" from 1987-1999, when LEGO went launched multiple factions and concurrent themes. The Space Timeline thread has been tremendously informative, and I expect to spend more time following that discussion. In addition, some day my dream is develop a short animated series set within the LEGO Space universe, spanning every single one of the classic pre-2000 space themes (including some Aquazone and Seatron, of course).

I look forward to getting more involved now! Oh and while we're on the topic, here's a small MOC from my Flickr:

Substation Stingray

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Hello John! Welcome to the "active" part of the community! :wink: It seems we have an overlap in our favourite space era here, as you can guess from my avatar. Mine starts and ends a bit earlier. About 5 years on either side. :laugh:

Btw. Very cool picture. The lighting is superb!

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Thank you! I was going for that classic 80s sci-fi red-blue dual tone. :grin:

And of course I gotta give some love to Blacktron- still casting a shadow on Space minifigs decades later.
I've actually had a loose theory recently as to what could go with their name- what if their suits were coated in Vantablack? Terrifying!

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