GBW - CP2 - EROTEMA - Ready to open fire...FIRE

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Grid E5

Lieutenant Commander Mike and Master Sergeant Josh "Speedy" González are in an observation post very close to the border between Erotema and Briolui on Grid E5. His orders are simple...transmit the coordinates of a Briolui defensive outpost in the border and correct (if necessary) the fire for 2 Self Propelled Howitzers of the 1st Armoured Division of the Erotema Army.

34664484282_374f8ecceb_z.jpgOBSPOST1 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr


While LtCdr observes and passes the coordinates, MSgt "Speedy" González secures the position.

34017867203_e64c322f2f_z.jpgOBSPOST3 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr


"Tweety to Silvester, do you copy?"

"Silvester to Tweety, roger"

"Silvester, heading from Oscar Papa 1 is 67º, range 4560 metres, do you copy?"

"Tweety, roger. I say again, 67 delta, 4560 mikes"

"Silvester, roger"

"Tweety, fireworks to begin soon, out"

34017866163_43b0b4351b_z.jpgOBSPOST4 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr


Meanwhile, a few kilometres from that place, in the edge of a palm tree forest, 2 SPH commence the attack...

"Golf 1 to Golf 2, 4-shot burst in 10 seconds and leave position, next fire position will be Sierra 2. Offset will be 1 second."

"Golf 2, wilco"

"Ready to open fire...FIRE"

34695348561_ac3ee1b7cf_z.jpgATPS3 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr

34695348481_1906545b1c_z.jpgATPS2 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr

34695349161_3f28caa72f_z.jpgATPS1 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr

Enjoy the MOC!


Extra info. The SPH share a common hull with other vehicles I will unveil in the following weeks. According to my scale 1 stud=34 cms (a minifig thus will be 1,75 m), the vehicle is about 3,8 metres wide (very similar to a standard SPH), with 11 studs wide. The tracks are 2-stud wide (68 cms), similar to the tracks of a standard MBT (with which my SPH shares the hull). It is about 23 studs long (about 7,8 metres approx). Any additional data, just ask.


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Nicely done. I wasn't expecting to get a double feature, and I was pleasantly surprised. The terrain looks very nice, and the gray with the greens work surprisingly well together. The foliage is great, too. The howitzers look really nice as well. I'm not too familiar with SPHs, but you've incorporated some nice details.  

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Thanks everybody for the comments, they are welcome! The design of the landscape was tricky; I built 20 12x12 modules that attach each other and that gives a lot of flexibility when designing building areas. As a second step, almost all the 6x12 plates were dark bluish gray, but some were light green. A third layer had smaller green plates (green, dark green) or tiles. And above these layers, some plants.

Best regards!


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You've Been Awarded ( 7 ) Point(s):

Judges Comments (not all judges comment):

The howitzers are brilliant! as noted in your sidebuilds, the interchangeable tops is genius. Well done. I also like the addition of the mountaintop build for overwatch, a very nice touch. The base with the howitzers could have used something to vary it a bit from the side builds, maybe some landscaping. Overall, a major improvement. Good Work!    

Add more change to your baseplates, they still look almost identical to the side builds.  I see you have 12 different ones, just add some more plates on some, remove plates from others; It's a building game so build!  Your SPG looks good.  Your plan to reuse the chassis on multiple builds is good, that's something the Soviets did in WWII with many of their heavy tanks (SU series, KV series, IS-2)  Careful with your lighting, your observation post comes out very dark when you took the pics.  It probably just needed more light on it, but it was like a cave surrounded by flora.  Couldn't see into the middle due to the shadows.  Good builds, story is progressing well.

You can Update your AAR Post with your points to keep track.

Thanks for Playing!

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