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I built some characters from a widely known cartoon called "Samurai Jack". :-D This weekend, the final episode aires. Are you excited?


Here is Aku. It was a pleasure to build him, because so many pieces turned out to be perfect for this build and I'm pretty satisfied with the result.



New (2017) variant of Jack next to the old, classic one:






What do you think? Do you you like the cartoon?

Always open for constructive criticism. ;-)

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Yet another friendly reminder that I should watch that show! Your creation is instantly recognizable, awesome use of the snake piece and those plumes for eyebrows work out very nicely here, too. :thumbup: I like the classic Jack a lot, especially with that expressive face (where is from?)! Nice presentation as well, with the bits of brick-built scenery, which blend in seamlessly with the background. Enjoy the finale and keep up the good work! :thumbup:

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I didn't see the cartoon, just final scene that someone posted in FB, it looks cool, espesially big demon :) I think you succeed to make similar design with Lego - proportions, teeth and horns make him recognizible :)

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