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Modified 8865

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I never really liked the look of 8865 but I loved the alternate model.

Sadly it's a really cut-off model (featuring nothing but a steering and suspension) so I modified it.

What I've done:

- Build in a V6-Engine (just like the V4 of the main model)

- Build in a gearbox (only 2 speeds because of the lack of space)

- Build in a non-necessary extra suspension

- Only used parts that were available at the time of the 8865

from above:




the engine:


the gear change:


the ultimate suspension X-D


engine, gearbox, suspension (I hope you can recognize something!)


the same. This was a real challenge, because I run out of space and had to use unnecessary gears and axles. (a 7-piece Link Chain just to get from one 8-toothed gear to another, for instance... :-| )


I hope you enjoy it!

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looks nice, not old but with also not new

The post you replied to is 5 years old and the original author is not even on this site any more. Please only resurrect old posts if you have something new to contribute to the discussion. See this thread for more information.

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