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This will be a long post, but it will detail the progress for the Scarif MOC that my friend and I made.


Here's how it all went down.


Unbeknownst to us, it started about a year ago with the minifig scale AT-AT walker I made.


Fast forward to about two months ago, my friend began work on the beach scene initially by combining two Scarif Battle Lego sets as a way to display Rogue One minifigs.






Once we decided to do a joint Scarif MOC I expanded my beach and bunker scene to fit more on the scale of the AT-AT.


We then began planning how the MOC would look with both of our sections together. Lovely artwork done by my friend.


My buddy added some foliage to platform next.



We finally brought both sides together. This is what it looked like initially.


8 Battle on Scarifs and two TIE Strikers worth of troops.


Added the rack to hang the ships off of. Also seen is the new island behind the now converted AT-ACT walker.


More or less completed product.



The first convention we took it to, Comicpalooza in Houston, TX USA with Texlug Houston.







Merrick is having a bad day.




His overconfidence will be his undoing. 


We hired security to patrol the MOC and make sure no pieces left with the spectators.


One last shot of the MOC.

Thanks for viewing! We plan on doubling the size of this MOC, adding a landing platform, two more bunkers, Renegade-Clone's Zeta class shuttle, and a Citadel. If you'd like further updates, I upload progress videos on my youtube at

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Fantastic MOC!

That looks like a pretty expensive collection of Shoretroopers! The hanging ships and fighters is a great addition to the build!

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Great MOC! my only criticism would be the water looks a bit too choppy for Scarif. All the water near the shore is very shallow, therefore very still and calm, where as this almost wouldn't look out of place Kamino :laugh: that aside I love everything else about this MOC!

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