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Rick and Morty`s flying UFO Car

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Don`t get too schwifty about this one.
This is actually just a Recreation of one of the best Rick and Morty Cars made from Lego that People have done.
 @hachiroku build the flying Car first and showed a Step to Step Guide on Youtube,i just collected the needed Pieces and cobbled it together.
Of course i did a few tiny Changes like adding two Seats,closing some Gaps in the rear End,added some repurposed and cut Lego Stickers.I also added a printed Tile behind the Seats and made a tiny Portalgun.
One Thing i`m still not very happy about is the Flag / Sail Thing in the rear Section.I didn`t want to make a brickbuild Version.Maybe some of you Guys have an Idea.













The flying Car is still not completely finished,need to replace some Parts with other Colors,maybe adding some 1x2 inverted rounded Slopes to the Undersite to improve the Saucer Shape and maybe add some removeable Weapons,i mean this Thing could take down an entire Army of Cops and SWAT Units :D

Credits go of course to the original Creator of this MOC and the Instructions.

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Very cool! Do you have a link to. The YouTube instructions video?

Andy D

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