[MOC] Mercenary Truck

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Armored Mercenary Van

A while ago i was surfing through the Internet and was kinda curios what other Brick / Clone Brands have to offer.
My Eyes fell on an interesting looking SWAT Van from the Clone Brand Enlighten.
I really liked the overall Design of the Vehicle and so i started searching for better Pictures to pull off a daring Move: Cloning a Clone Brand Set 1f603.png:D
Of course without actual Instructions i only could guess what`s underneath but i think i did a pretty neat Job.I added some Details here and there like Clips in the rear Compartment that hold two Guns and a working Driveshaft / Rear Axle with Technic Pieces.
Towards the End of the build i noticed that i don`t have 3 black Roof Plates so i used one with a cool looking Sticker.
So now it`s a Lego Mercenary Truck completely made from danish Bricks that are compatible to most Clone Brands 1f603.png:D












So,how do you like my Version?

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Cloning a clone...  gotta love it!

"compatible to most Clone Brands "  LOL

Nice looking truck.  Great job on the bottom.  :thumbup:

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