[MOC] Clone Wars Pelta-Class Frigate

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Inspired by my recent attempts at building using only pieces from the Turbo Tank, I decided to see if I had the pieces to put together Lego's Rebel Combat Frigate. Halfway through I realized I didn't have the right pieces, but instead of giving up I made some adjustments. Soon rather than being a copy of the set it was my own creation, my own design. Just like the set when the engine rotates the flaps open up, revealing additional engines. Also like the set the front can be opened to revel a rather small command bridge. The ship can be held by the handle provided and is very swooshable. I wish I could fit more in the ship, but with such limited space I did what I could. Next I'll add the colors for what most of the frigates had and also see what else I can do with it. Enjoy the pictures!


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