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[MOC] UCS U-Wing (Rogue One)

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This is my MOC of a minifig-scale U-Wing from Rogue One. While the official set was one of my favourite sets, it fell short in many regards and decided to make my own. I encountered a few problems while building it, such as attaching the engines which I rectified with the usage of click-hinges and it was overall a good problem-solving experience. The ship features a compartment for 6 minifigs and two pilots, radio control area, and swiveling and locking wings. Measures 75 centimeters in length.

33872358963_7e8e62e403.jpgLEGO U-Wing MOC

34682187785_09a3bb2b62.jpgLEGO U-Wing MOC

34297567200_4714f8493d.jpgLEGO U-Wing MOC

33872356453_b9711d3125.jpgLEGO U-Wing MOC

33872353623_9778f347b8.jpgLEGO U-Wing MOC

34297564640_ed20415381.jpgLEGO U-Wing MOC

33872351113_304aeb9ab2.jpgLEGO U-Wing MOC

34297561210_531c6ef6e8.jpgLEGO U-Wing MOC

33872342303_5f6ec2c0bd.jpgLEGO U-Wing MOC

34297557530_ab4d569812.jpgLEGO U-Wing MOC


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4 hours ago, JACKATTACKS said:

So cool! 


6 hours ago, LEGORACER1 said:

Super jealous that's awesome! 


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