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Sir Stig

Cat got your tongue? [Ch5-e] Part 1 of Zwartbaards story

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[Trois Forks Inn, Breshaun]


“Cheers to king Alphonso! We have a great victory over Eslandola at the Battle of 5 Navies!”

“Hooray! Hooray!”


‘Bloody Mardierians… They must have forgotten that they lost 10 vessels to Eslandola without any of the Eslandola vessels having a scratch… They just were lucky those bloody Sea Rats showed up…’ Jan Zwartbaard thought. He was sitting in one of the many Inns the flourishing city of Breshaun has to offer. On one of the other tables, a Mardierian captain was proaching about how great Mardier is and how Eslandola and Garvey will fall. It would be just a matter of time the captain said.

The obligatory inn cat couldn't give a rat's about what was going on inside...



The later the evening, the more interesting the conversations became. Pretending to be sleeping, Jan Zwartbaard heard every single word the Mardierians said. Luckily for him it was said in the same dialect as the dialect he used to speak as a very young child.


What he heard was a rather confusing puzzle of loose elements, but it was clearly about a big treasure to be discovered by Mardier. Luckily he could rely on his brains, so he had not the need to note everything instantly as that would be suspicious.

One by one the guests were heading towards their chambers. After finding himself to be the last guest, he thanked  and paid the Inn Keeper and walked outside, around the building to his upstairs lodging.


"Strange fellow, not very talkative. But kinda cute in a weird way." Sthe tought to herself.


It had been a good night for her, even though the strange guy didn't leave a tip.



Zwartbaard took pen and paper and started sketching. Afterwards, he took a map of the New Haven region and put it next tot he notes and drawings. The analysing would keep him up all night, luckily he could sleep tomorrow on the vessel heading towards Trador…



For Eslandola. Individual entry, but first part of a story collaboration. I intend to lisense it as a medium artisan.

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Nice inn! I like these classic corner wall, shame I only have one of those.

The interior is exquisitely decorated, with the blue dark blue and white tiles, just beautiful. Cool minifigs too.

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Yes, great use of that yellow classic castle corner wall piece.

Beautiful job with the inn, inside and out. Very colorful! The tiled floor and the window arches are great, and good fig posing. My favorite part is the drunk guy in his bed! :thumbup:

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That's a nice inn !

great exteriors and a nice interior.

I like the rooms you did for the customers to sleep.

Good job !

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Great looking inn, Sir Stig. I really like the story, and your presentation is good. I particular like the interior and the surroundings of the inn. The elevated street and the little pond make the scene look realistic, and I enjoy the colourful interior and the lively scenes you have going on in there.

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Great MOC Sir Stig! I like the interior a lot and you've got some great details there with the white plume/moping cloth, the shoes etc etc. And thanks Bregir for bringing it up again :thumbup: It seems I've missed quite some little jewels of that time!

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