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[MOC] Lego City Future - Hoverbike Chase

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Lego City Future - Hoverbike Chase

Teenagers tuning their Scooters to be faster and louder is still a Thing,even in the Future.And like in the old Days,you can still get in Trouble for that.
Lucille is an ambitious Mechanic and spends her Freetime working on her little Hoverscooter and racing it in every possible Location.No matter if the bustling Downtown,the dry Concrete Canals in the industrial Zone or the Scrap Fields outside Lego City.
Of course she prefers the Scrap Fields since she grew up there in a small Street and she`s working in Beekerz Garage.
But it looks like she has met her Master today when one of the Police Interceptor Bike Units noticed her.
These are no ordinary Bike Cops.They are well trained and perfectly equipped for the rougher Terrain....
Let`s just hope Lucille only gets a Ticket for speeding.























Hope you like my tiny MOC.

Comments are welcome.

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