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OL - CH5E - The Quest for the Treasure of Tema Hiva - part 2 and part 3

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This collab is realized by Captain Genaro, Blackdeathgr and me.

Here is the part of collab built by Captain Genaro:

Amazing, the Mardierian officer thought. Had the native guide not pointed it out, he would completely missed the half overgrown stone, but now that he saw it, his imagination ran wild. The stone, more of a boulder really, was nearly the size of a man and despite cracks and weathering, had clearly been cut out by skilled stone masons. The overgrowth and weathering alone suggested that it predated any colonial settlements, but from what he had seen, the current natives lacked the means to quarry this block, much less move it any distance. 

33845529054_9f603bcd06_c.jpgCH V Entry by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr

The native guide attempted to explain something about the stone with hand gestures, falling from the sky? No, that doesn't make sense, the officer thought. Or is he trying to tell us to rest? But before the Mardierian officer could interpret the gestures, he heard shouting followed by a thud, splash, and screams of terror. Immediately, he turned his head towards the commotion and saw the head and upper torso of one of the adventurers bobbing amid the torrent. Another man lay at the officer's feet, struggling to get up, and with a massive chest sitting precariously close to being washed away by the stream. On the opposite bank, men shouted at the poor soul to swim, keep his head up, grab onto something, head for the bank, just do something until we can help you, but all their shouting was in vain. The officer, though he had seen his share of violence and death, simply stood there stunned by the result. To think the adventure had gone so well up to this point, not a single man lost and an alliance with the natives. But alas, in his haste to reach his goal and avoid the Garvian frigate, he had decided to take the most direct route regardless of the risks. Sure, the stream was narrow, but it moved too fast and was mostly too deep to be forded. A bridge wouldn't take more than a few hours to construct, but the Oleanders couldn't be kept waiting. Any delay on his part and the ship-of-the-line captain might decide to abandon their deal and return to his patrols. And now, as a result of his haste, as a result of his greed for gold, a man had died. 

33845510854_a7d9db9b56_c.jpgCH V Entry by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr

While the officer stood there stunned, the rest of the men recovered. The shouting soon stopped, the roar of rushing water drowning out the prayers mumbled by the men as they quietly blessed their selves before fortifying their selves to continue on their journey to the coast. 

33845524674_675ce8eb8d_c.jpgCH V Entry by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr

"Shall we continue, sir," the soldier on the near bank asked. "Sir?" he repeated as the officer remained in his stunned state. 

"Oh, yes, yes, very good. As you were," the officer muttered seemingly to no one in particular. 

The soldier eyed the officer who seemed unaware of anything that was happening around him, and then began shouting orders for the men to continue and to watch their damn step lest they want to become the next sacrifice to the river nymph. 

34687992725_e6f0aa5eda_c.jpgCH V Entry by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr


Here is my part of collab (recognizable by the bad photo quality:pir-grin:):

On a bright and sunny day, a Garvian frigate cruises in the vicinity of Tema Hiva (rumours say a city of gold was discovered on this island). The ship, the Ugly Duckling, The Lion of Garvey, is a newly commissioned 6th rater (or class 5 in the universe of BoBS), pride of her captain. On this cruise, the captain must fulfill one mission, intercept the Mardierian vessel carrying the gold discovered on the soil of natives. The captain of the Lion of Garvey was very confident of the success of his mission, knowing Mardierians have lost most of their ships in the battle of five fleets.



But it seems he has neglected one detail, the Blues are not in war against Mardier and their fleet is intact.

So, on this shinny day, the watch of Lion of Garvey was surprised by a big bowsprit pointing at their six.


- Captain, ship on our six!
- Can you identify her?
- Nay, sir, but she's a two-decker!
- It must be Margot, our Eslandolan friends are trustworthy lads.
- Sir! She is arboring a Fleur de lys on the bow castle!
- What??!!! Impossible!!!!
- What should we do captain? She's gaining rapidly on us!


The garvian seamen aren't mistaken, she's indeed an Oleander ship of the line, built in urgence by the Royal Shipyard and arrived in time to the rendez-vous point. The Mardierian exploration team, although lost one of their men in the haste, finally managed to plow a path through the jungle and loaded the gold aboard. There, the gold is placed under the custody of a Mardierian colonel, who will make sure that the gold reaches safely its destination. 

The Oleanders are well aware of the importance of the cargo, therefore, they've despatched a SOTL carrying 60 guns. This is her maiden voyage and some Oleander dignitaries and ship experts are onboard to evaluate her sailing ability and supervise the loading and unloading of the gold.



- Captain! They are opening the gunports, what is your order, sir!
- Hum, humhum, heu, rehum...
- Sir!
- Lay down your weapons, lads! We can't fight a sotl at this distance. 


- Farewell Garvies! The Mardierian officer on the stern waves at them and says in smiling.



Extra pictures of the ships:




Thank you for viewing!

Edited by Bodi

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Haha, the Duck/Lion figurehead is hilarious. Nice ships. I like the curvature on the upper part of the stern on the.... biggest ship. Does she have a name yet?

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Thank you Stig!

Nay, the big ship hasn't got a name yet, I'll probably name her after a fearsome french adjective. :pir_laugh2:

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Wow - a couple of excellent and massive ships there, Bodi, and here I was surprised at the size of the first! :pir-grin: :pir-oh:  Very nice color-schemes on both, and loving the stern of the SoTL! :thumbup:  The white feathers do a great job of showing her nationality as well, and the decks are very nicely polished off too!  Dare I say? - keep it up! :pir-sweet:

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Glad you like my ships Garm! You've noticed the white plumes :pir-grin:, I wasn't quite sure if it was a good idea to put so many of them along the hull, but at last, it looks not so bad. The colour scheme i draw inspiration from a ship model, representing a french vessel of late 17th or early 18th century, it has brown and blue hull and richly ornated walls, with white flower motifs.

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Great vessels !

I am just a bit worried about seing an Oleander SOTL supporting Mardier and near to be ready to open fire at a Garvey vessel... But Oleon politics is not my best ! :blush:

A great job on a good collab, even if it's for Mardier !

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11 hours ago, Capt Wolf said:

Beautiful ships! I will spend some time studying these. :thumbup:

Thank you Capt Wolf. In fact there is nothing new in these ships,  the building techniques are quite old I think.:pir-grin:

1 hour ago, Faladrin said:

Great vessels !

I am just a bit worried about seing an Oleander SOTL supporting Mardier and near to be ready to open fire at a Garvey vessel... But Oleon politics is not my best ! :blush:

A great job on a good collab, even if it's for Mardier !

Glad you like it Faladrin! Don't worry, no one has fired during this encounter, the Oleander soliders obey to orders, but they are not crazy.:laugh:

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