About Ships   In this thread you’ll find all information necessary to operate a ship in the EGS, or more precisely how to make your ship fit to participate in the thrilling venture that is the MCRA.   Ships and Licenses A ship you want to use in the MCRA has to be a combination of both a ship-MOC and a license. You may at any time post a ship-MOC, and attach a license to it once you are able to acquire one. To attach a license to a ship-MOC or to unlicense a ship use the Ship licensing form, note that once a ship is unlicensed the old license ceases to exist. There are multiple ways to acquire a license for your ship-MOC - purchase, capture, a challenge prize. A license has to fit the general properties of the ship-MOC, creative license is of course allowed and appreciated - but within reason. Leadership has the right to revoke licenses in case of rule and spirit violations. Licenses come in different classes:
  Class Cost Base Upkeep Benchmark MOC Stat Points 0 24 6 Pearl Diving Canoe 6 1 60 15 The Saucy Gibbon 9 2 120 30 Pride of Poseidon 12 3 200 50 HMS Otter 15 4 300 75 HMHV Athena 18 5 420 105 Ironsides 21 6 560 140 Alejandro de Vargas 24 7 700 175 Margot 27 8 900 225 Triton 30 9 1140 285   33 10 1500 375   39 Ship Classes: Each ship class comes with a total number of stat points, the higher the class the more stat points are available. Within the distribution limits these stat points can be spread among the various ship characteristics according to one’s individual preference to create customized licenses, for reference MOCs see the second post in this thread. Ship characteristics are: Range (R): A ship can travel its range plus 1 zones per MCRA. Must be a value between 0 and 6. Maneuver (M): This is the vessel's ability to maneuver in an encounter. Thus, it decides its relative ability to catch up with or flee from an enemy. Must be a value between 1 and 6. For class 9 it must be a value between 1 and 5, for class 10 a value between 1 and 4. Guns (G): This is the ship’s firepower. Must be a value between 0 and 12. Crew (C): This is the fighting crew of your vessel, used during boarding actions. Roughly, one C equals 5 men. A 0 crew is the captain and a few choice men. Must be a value between 0 and 12. Cargo ($): This is the space the ship has for hauling goods. Must be a value between 0 and 15. Hull Strength (H): This is the strength of the hull, the vessel's ability to withstand fire from warships and fortresses. Must be a value between 0 and 12. Hull-piece guidelines Class 0: Similar to lego rowing boat (NB: Prefab row boats, canoes, etc. cannot be licensed) Class 1: N/A Class 2: Narrow hulls, no mid sections or 1 very light Class 3: 1 or 2 mid sections, depending on "bulk" Class 4: 2 to 3 mid sections. Transition to large hull pieces Class 5: 3 to 4 mid sections Class 6: 4 mid sections for multiple decks, 5 for single decked vessels Class 7: 5 for Ships of the line or galleons, 6 for heavy frigates Class 8: 6+ mid sections minimum and several decks Class 9: 7+, several decks, Probably upper limit for prefab hull-pieces Class 10: N/A   The Costs of Ships Every player is always entitled to one free class 1 or 2 license. Sea Rats only pay 70% of a ship license. Next to the price of a license there’s also upkeep to be paid, and ship limits to be considered. Upkeep is calculated as total upkeep of all the owner's active ships during an MCRA, and automatically deducted from all involved accounts after every MCRA, use the upkeep calculator at your convenience. NB: The black flag pirate crews of the Sea Rats often find provisions and supplies by... alternative means. Sea Rats pay no upkeep for black-flagged ships.  Base Upkeep From To Modifier 0 100 0 101 200 100% 201 300 150% 301 500 200% 501 1000 250% 1001   300% Ship Levels: Ship levels limit the total number of ships one is allowed to operate, they are determined by the sum of ship classes, so for example if you own a class 5 and a class 7 ship, you must have a ship level of 12 to operate them. Only the following entities can own vessels (i.e. have their own ship levels.) Players, who start out with a ship level of 10 Factions, who start out with a ship level of 25 Officially chartered trade companies, who start out with a shiplevel of 0 Settlements, which can own ship levels up to its settlement level. (Capped at 20) To increase them, players, factions and trade companies must unlock additional levels. This is a one-off cost and then your ship level is increased forever. Apart from the cost, a vignette (or larger) must be made to explain the IC reasons why/how the limit is increased. (If the build meets the normal requirements, it can be licensed. One build must be submitted per entity per increase) Prices are cumulative. Additional levels can also be unlocked in other ways, like via certain traits of the skill system.
  Additional Ship Levels Price DB Price *IP +25 250 250 +25 500 500 +25 750 750 +25 1000 1000   Additional Rules and Clarifications The Naval Licensing and Prize Court: The NLPC’s role is to support leadership in making final decisions and advise players in all issues discussed in this thread. The NLPC can also be used to sell unwanted licenses out of the game. See here for more details. ‘Sistershipping’: If a ship is captured, sunk or otherwise lost in the MCRA the former owner may attach a new license to the ship-MOC. (If he is the owner of the MOC, i.e. typically the builder, unless specifically transferred during a sale.) All ship owning entities may, at any one point in time, hold sisterships up to 20 shiplevels. (Eg. 1*class 7, 2*class 5, and 1*class 3). In other words, if sistershipping a lost vessel brings your total number of sisterships over 20 shiplevels, you cannot sistership that vessel. Sistershipping requires a sistershipping build. Please include a link to the original moc in the sistershipping topic. Since Jan 2019 - the cost for a sistership license is double the original license cost. See here for more details. Faction warships: Factions always have three MOC and upkeep free class 5 ships available. These ships count towards the factions' ship level. The characteristics of these ships are defined as the faction licenses them. Ships captured or purchased from other players: NPC ships captured in the MCRA are licenses only, therefore they need a ship-MOC in order to be used again. The same applies for captured MOC-free faction warships. MOCed ships captured in the MCRA can be reused as ships as they are. The same applies for ships purchased from other players (use the Transaction Form). The rules regarding upkeep and ship limit apply unaltered. Captured ships (or captured ships bought in an auction or similar) will not count towards the sistershipping limits, unless bought by the holder of sistershipping rights. (Typically the builder) Ships maintain their stats after capture. (since they are effectively the same vessel) Troop transport: For every point of cargo capacity plus the ship's class rating, a ship may carry 5 soldiers (5 soldiers = 1 crew point). For example, a class 3 ship with a cargo capacity of 4 could carry 35 soldiers (7 additional crew points). Commanders: For fleets of more than 5 ships, a commander is required. Please see the relevant rules here.   Regarding ship stats: If you need the stats for your vessels, you should been granted access to your factions stats by your leaders. If they haven't given you access yet, you may pm @Legostone who'll help you out with the stats of your vessels. Regarding "inactive players" If there is some form of agreement (formal or informal), existing ships can be used/managed according to the agreement. For escorts, trade, warfare, etc. as agreed. This agreement does not need to be published. These agreements can be faction wide, player based, etc. but if anyone misuses a player's ship against his wishes, leadership will step in. Anyone should always be free to opt out of such an agreement. Only existing vessels can be used. No new ships can be licensed in passive player's names, and ships cannot be sistershipped once lost. Over time, fleets of inactive players being used will thus dwindle. Exception are ships build by the absent player for a faction, settlement, or trade company, as use rights already belong to the given entity. Once the player returns, ships can be sistershipped and new licenses can be made as per normal rules. You are not allowed to change ownership, as that would eventually be stealing the vessels. Neither can they be sistershipped by any other entity once lost This policy will mean that only existing vessels can remain active, that players or factions cannot "optimise" upkeep or game the system by using inactive accounts, and that we get no additional paperwork or administration. Please note that it should also ensure balance. A faction will not be unduly punished because someone suddenly becomes inactive, but also that we will not see "ghost ships" sailing the seas. (Only known and active vessels still sailing) This is a rule thread - do not reply! Not even with 'Okay'  Questions belong here or in the general BoBS intro thread.