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Technic Car Technalities

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Okay. I'm thinking about making a car, right? But, I don't really know how a form of steering is done. What exactly is 'Hand of God' steering? How does it all work? I'm sure I have the parts...I've got like, a shmillion Technic/Bionicle parts. And how insane does the frame have to be to put shocks into it. Especially, how do I put shocks on a turning wheel?

Could someone post pics of a Technic models' mechanics?

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Here is some examples of steering with suspension. It is more advanced than you wanted but sooner or later you're gonna want both.

Other than that i really recommend studying LEGO-models such as

8880 super car

8421 mobile crane

8024 universal set, old but gives perspective

8040 universal set, uses pneumatics in one model

And let's not forget the ideas books





Just search for them at

The ideas books are kinda old but filled with great hints on how to build stuff which can be of use even with newer parts.

Building models and/or studying others are the best way to learn but my suggestions should give you some ideas of how steering can be done.

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BTW about pneumatics. Don't use it because it is virtually impossible to center the steering. It always ends up slightly to the right or the left. Better would be to use the actuators released later this year. Simplest would be to just go with a common rack&pinion steering.

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