[MOC] Mini Modulars: Grand Hotel and Erling's Café

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Hey everyone,

Like many LEGO fans around the world, I've built some MOCs too for the Rebrick Mini Building Madness contest, not only because I saw the awesome prize package, but I realized that I've never built a model in this scale and I thought it would be fun. Well, yes, it was so much fun, and it was quite challenging at some points, so I think now could share my mini modulars with you. :)


Grand Hotel

Every LEGO city needs a hotel, where the tourists and guests can enjoy their spare time. This is actually my first ever mini modular and I really enjoyed building it. The most challenging part of it was to connect the different sections/floors. You can see all building techniques that I've used on the last image below. I built some bits of the ground floor and 1st floor using SNOT techniques and the roof is actually completely built upside down.




Erling's Café

This is my 2nd and unfortunately last entry to this contest. I think this was my most challenging MOC ever, but I enjoyed every moment of it! :) Erling's Café? Yes. I've used many 1x1 headlight bricks (also known as Erling Brick after its designer) in my model, so I thought it would be a cool name for it. Oh, have you noticed the custom sticker? The inspiration for that came from the coffee shop (Assembly Square set). I've tweaked the brick built logo a little bit and made my own version. :)


(Psssst, have you noticed the custom sticker?! ;) )



Not sure if I can post links here, but you can find more images of these mini modulars on Flickr.


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13 hours ago, peedeejay said:

These are pretty cool! The grand hotel looks very well balanced and really nice.

Thank you! Actually I've worked more on Erling's Café, but I'm glad you like the hotel too! :)

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17 minutes ago, Gunman said:

Both are very cute creations, good luck man :wub:

Thank you! I hope for the best :wink:

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31 minutes ago, VaderFan2187 said:

Great job on these. Both are well done, love the use of the headlight bricks.

Thank you! :classic:

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