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[SoNE Ep. XV] Xizor's Palace - Entry Door 0429

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After a small time spent  with patrolling and exercises all over again,  we finally got an order.  Most of the available troops were sent to Coruscant for a secret mission. We had not too much information about it, but we will be some sort of backup.

When we arrived the main forces are already started the operation.  They sent me to a team led by a shock trooper. I didn't know anything about our objective yet. I met them at one of the smaller entry doors of palace.


Shock Trooper - I'm ST-0513 and I lead this small team. Our objective is to protect this Entry Door and secure to escape.  We must stop any Black Sun mercs, but we must try not to kill any rebel terrorist and we didn't get permission to open fire first. Understood?

Team - Yes Sir!

Shock Trooper - Good. And now we moving in.


 One of the troopers moved to the controlling panel of the door. He entered the code number into the red display of the console and the door opened immediately. They all went in on it and it closed back. There has been nothing for a while and they just waited there. Then suddenly they heard steps approaching fast.

Shock Trooper - Get ready, quietly and don't forget not to shoot first!


Shock Trooper - Stop, don't Move! Put down the weapons and we don't hurt you!



The door slides...


And the leader of the group collapsed.  Some Black Sun members arrived and they opened the door from outside and fired a shot. Then everybody opened the fire for the gang members.


TG-0222 and the other two stormtrooper trying to get cover, but one of them got a shot in the back.


The Imperial and Rebel troops Together were stronger and shortly they defeated all the mercs.


TG-0222 - You should leave, hurry!

Rebel - Thanks. Everybody go!


Stormtrooper - Where are the rebels?

TG-0222 - They were more than us, we couldn't stop them.




Full album:

I'm really enjoyed the process creating this scene and I'm very happy with the final thing, thanks for the great episode and inspiration for building. I hope You all like it.







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Wow, fantastic job! The sliding door can be operated by wheel? That's an awesome detail! Well done with the fig posing and the photography, too!

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Wow, nice work! I'm really digging all the detail you've put into this build, especially that dining room looking area and the hallway.

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Fantastic job! The detailing is incredibly well done! Your posing is pretty darn good as well especially the transition shots of the rebels and imperials spotting to aiming at eachother

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Lovely interior room, I'm glad you added a pic of it in the spoiler since we never get to see it in the main images and it really is cool. Good story too!

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Splendid scene and layout! Definitely captures that Coruscant/Imperial hallway look. I especially like the slanted wall and the dining room is impressively well done:thumbup:.

Most excellent work indeed. 

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Great job with this build! The walls have some great details!  That extra room you didn't really show till the spoiler, love the look of it. Also nice addition with the door gear system

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