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I am selling a 100% complete NYCC/SDCC/NYTF collection that I am willing to split up and sell the pieces individually.

All items are mint unless otherwise noted. These are probably the best condition you'll be able to find anywhere as I pride myself on only offering the best. 

Shipping (US+WW):
Shipping within the continental US is free + extra cost if you want insurance. Shipping outside of the continental US will be charged at cost only. You will be invoiced after the item has been shipped so that you're only charged exact cost.

More can be provided upon request, just ask!

Some items were listed on eBay by other sellers, in which case the price I listed below is cheaper than theirs. Some items are not listed on eBay or Bricklink, therefore I had to estimate my own prices mostly based off of previous sales. 

I'm clearing out almost an entire 100% complete Super Hero/Marvel/Batman collection. There are minifigures, polybags, and sets (NIB) galore. The minifigures are either loose or come in gorgeous plastic cases with a comic backdrop. I haven't had a chance to go through and inventory everything yet, so stay tuned. I've posted a few pictures of the polybag/minifigure offerings to come in the next few weeks at the end of this post.


#sh028 + #sh027 NYTF Iron Man and Captain America Mint PM for Info
#41491-1 SDCC 2016 Brick Heads 41491 Batman and Joker no 0984 Mint 155
#41492-1 SDCC 2016 Brick Heads 41492 Iron Man and Captain America no 0894 Mint 190
#41493-1 SDCC 2016 Brick Heads 41493 Black Panther and Dr. Strange no 1363 Mint 145
#41490-1 SDCC 2016 Brick Heads 41490 Superman and Wonder Woman no 0590 Mint 165
#comcon050-1 SDCC 2016 ATOM Mint 195
#comcon029-1 SDCC 2016 Steve Rogers Mint 245
#comcon048-1 SDCC 2015 Throne of Ultron no 0380 Mint 140
#comcon047-1 SCDD 2015 Action Comics #1 Superman no 0981 Mint 330
#comcon045-1 SDCC 2015 Arsenal Mint 200
#comcon046-1 SDCC 2015 Sam Wilson Captain America Mint 220
#comcon034-1 SDCC 2014 Rocket Raccoon's Warbird no 0413 Mint 220
#comcon035-1 SDCC 2014 The Collector  AFA 8.5 Stan Lee 800
#comcon037-1 SDCC 2014 Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile no 0127 Mint 400
#comcon036-1 SDCC 2014 Batman Zur-En-Arrh  Mint 490
#comcon028-1 SDCC 2013 Spiderman Mint 2800
#comcon027-1 SDCC 2013 Spider Woman Mint 2000
#comcon030-1 SDCC 2013 Green Arrow Mint 1600
#comcon029-1 SDCC 2013 Black Superman Mint 1450
#comcon013-1 SDCC 2011 Green Lantern NM 300
#comcon014-1 SDCC 2011 Batman NM 750
#comcon020-1 SDCC 2012 Shazaam NM 400
#comcon022-1 SDCC 2012 Bizzaro NM 400
#comcon021-1 SDCC 2012 Phoenix NM 400
#comcon023-1 SDCC 2012 Black Spiderman NM 350
#comcon018-1 NYCC 2011 Batman AFA 9.0  850
#comcon017-1 NYCC 2011 Superman AFA 9.0 1200
#comcon052-1 NYCC 2016 Batgirl Mint  $30 
#comcon038-1 SDCC Bard the Bowman NM $65 
#comcon040-1 SDCC Unikitty NM $110 
#comcon049-1 SDCC Bionicle Skull Scorpio Mask NM $35 

Thanks for reading.

Again, please stay tuned for a nearly complete collection of NIB Super Hero/Marvel/Batman sets, other sets, and more rare items.



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